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5 Best things learnt being a visual artist.

I wanted to be a painter in my childhood, the wish turned into a dream to be an animator and it got turned into a passion of being a photographer. They are all three different things for many people but for me my desire to create an image never exactly took a pause, it just got bigger and more intense. All the three acts revolves around everything we live within, people, living and non living. Now dealing with three and creating an harmony is something I learnt as time passed by and I am yet discovering it. Creating visuals is my full time act past 11 years and I learnt various things which helped to be a better person.

Here are my top 5 lessons I learnt.

  • SKILL OVERRIDES TALENT: I always heard good and got praised from people for my creative skills. My school friends used to submerge me with their drawing books to fill it up. My failure to pass the entrance exam of NID let me to be in MIT and my agitation led me to be into a BFA school. Lesson learnt: I learnt to come out of my comfort zone, face my fears and work over it, believing in my instincts do brought me to a right place but it took a lot of skill which I earned on my way to understand how things work. Its more of action which is required to nurture talent than just having the talent in itself. Actually one can do anything possible within its reach as long as the action is on.

  • EVERYTHING HAPPENS HAS A CHAIN REACTION: No profession is independent in itself, hence making ones profession a priority is stupidity. Economy is a collaboration of many things. If my clients doesn’t make any profit, it does not give him a leverage to pay me for my service in a good way. If the consumers don’t react well to its goods and services he will not be able to pay his workers well and the cash crunch will affect the quality of life of the workers they can lead and so on. Money flow is healthy unless its bottled necked by something I may not be able to share now but I hope you can guess it right.

  • MONEY CAN’T BUY EVERYTHING: There are something money can’t buy for everything else there is a MasterCard! a well said copy by an international company. A healthy lifestyle is not just about money, but how to monetize your own well being, physical and mental. You are good as long as you feel good. Counting your karma is a good way to keep self checked.

  • NATURE IS OUR CONCERN: The conservation process is not just a responsibility of environmentalist. Our action when comes together impacts our surrounding. So do our views about other people. Yes I have been talking about recycling, reusing and reducing various products in my past blogs just because its a reality. So do how one behave with others when happens over amorousness times impacts ones believe about gender, community and even religion.

  • BEING THE BEST IS NOT EQUAL TO HAVING THE BEST: Whatever be our profession be, we are always been sold in the name of making you better, make you feel better and bring the best in you which was hidden. Just wondering! How Asoka was great without them existing back then? The gadget craze is ridiculous and yes the urge is what makes one go for it and filling the pocket of others. Reality check: Its you who makes yourself great not some stupid combo wired fancy dush. My camera may sound expensive and worth in lakhs but it doesn’t make me a better photographer, it just helps me to reach my goal faster and work as per my need. My concept and composition is determined by my brain not by the machine, its just a friend of mine who helps me to bring them into reality, so do my computer or my pencil over a canvas.


I am Shovona, a self made visual artist based out of Mumbai, India. I love to write and hence gave birth to my blog. Addicted to Instagram and YouTube... and I love starting my day with it. A tea lover and hesitant to coffee. If you ever need a gyan over tea.. I am always up for it.

Thanks for reading...

See you tomorrow!

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