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5 cons of being a freelancer

Freelance commercial product and food photographer and stylist based in mumbai india

Everyone knows how out of the world it is to be one who controls its life on its own terms. Many connect the word Freelance with being one who doesn't have an office and one who can take a leave as wishes. Well majority of us walk on a broad path of monthly salary and easy EMI. Many of them knows its plan and make vacations accordingly. They have a place to fill the bank again when they are back.

Alike them freelancers love the fact of walking on a thin line of success and failure. A constant reminder to walk and work towards their dreams. Many suffer with underground unspoken factors of being one and hence the sacrifice comes into the scene. Living a life of your dream doesn't come easy. En cashing cheques bigger than ever comes after a long way. Respect is earned and consistency is the key. There is no other word than consistency which has come up in my mind again and again whenever I felt for a thing to bring change in my life.

Sharing my views over the blog to posting tips and tricks over my Instagram has taught me a lot and I have gained lot too.

Many who's parents run their own must have felt the pressure of finance from time to time, if they are lucky they hardly might have noticed any difference.

Yes there is fame, there is a fan following, people look up to you and they wish to grasp an essence from you but many are unaware of the dark tunnel they go through on occasional basis.

DEPRESSION: Its a mental health issue and its indeed real but its more in freelancers than else, well I am not making any mark but the uncertainty do lead one to suffer with it. The rejections, the delay, the anxiety topples up on each other to create a mass which is at time unbearable and the signs are well shown, I will never say to call a quit indeed add a turn to your own story and make something remarkable. The downs are there to lift you up faster.

RELATIONSHIP COMPLICATIONS: Starting something of your own initially take a lot from you, indeed a lot than you can plan for. The competition is too high for you to afford a break and its too fast to slow down. Depending what exactly you offering your traveling plans will be take a toll on you. Your personal commitments will be side stepped and yes there it is, the relationship battle begins. Parents will constantly look for an update and that settling down song will be sung every time you are in their company. Ideas you see need a silent zone where you can focus.

BANK NEEDS A CONSTANT CHECK: As many will not have a constant client to work for, bank will need a constant check, you see this is good, you do what you love and you get what brings you joy.. #mariekondo .. style. You research more and you believe in investment, that way you understand the market better.

BEING IN-SECURED: If you think, people who live a freelance live are full of confidence and booming ideas many will find it surprising that they r more often insecured, well not all but many, looking for a validation from others in the names of likes and comments and its good to an extent to try the shallowness of the idea they working. Freelancing doesn't mean confidence, there are many circumstances which leads one to start one of its own and its happens more often due to the lack of market which can give them proper answers. yes this can be controversial for many but think about it are freelancers are not unsure about their own plans, self doubt is constant and what changes is the degree from time to time.

BEING A SOLO DRIVER IS EXHAUSTING: Running its show all alone from the scartch do takes toll on one in a long period of time, loyalty towards your own passion is rechecked. Social disconnection is common, well its nothing mental its indeed a fear of getting judged and compared to others if and when meet others. Thing doesn't burn your fuel much is not how one is doing its far more burning when you tend to compare with else doing well in life.


I am a professional freelancer past 5 years now and I have seen things others do, gone through the same what other went or going by. The real funda is to live and let go. Photography is something I have made my base around my other activities.

Thanks for reading..

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