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5 hurdles I had to pass through to be a full time freelancer

I am not a person born with a silver spoon, well not exactly false as my family was always well to do, hardly remember a day when my dad denied to any of my needs unless it was totally impractical which was rare... thanks to my pre-matured brain. haha..!

food, people and product photographer based out of Mumbai India

I will not say I always had my bank account well stuffed but its was never in a bad shape either. So in short I had and having a pretty normal living.

The decision of being a freelancer was not easy for me, I abruptly left my job which was indeed neither paying me well nor doing me any good. I started my company back in 2014 under the name of SHOVONAKAR Visuals and things were never rosy. My family were helpless as they didn't belong to this industry and I just had no clue how to go about it and totally unclear about what is coming ahead.

Here are my 5 things I faced being a new bibe

LETTING PEOPLE KNOW I EXIST: When you come from a background which has no connection with your industry its indeed difficult to start, I was clueless about how to reach people and let them know I exist. I still carry the difficulty to connect to people. I at times remain way to honest which either scares or bore people away and I am totally happy to declare so, no one is perfect! The way I thought to let people know is to have an online presence and with no skills to build a website of my own I had a tumblr blog which acted as my portfolio which eventually came handy to an extent.

BUILDING MY WEBSITE: I must share I got fooled by many folks who promised me a website in just 1000 bucks and I learnt it a hard way that nothing comes that easy. As time passed and got some self earned bucks in my pocket I finally decided to build one on my own terms, I remember my very first website over adobe portfolio was the most silly presentation of my work but it was better than having nothing. I am presently using wix and it has given me enough flexibility to mould the way I wish.

CONNECTING AGENCIES: Well I am not a big shot that people will call me day and night giving me collaboration proposals. I finally decided to connect to people who indeed look for photographers. Art directors in this case. I do wanna share a point as I dreamed hard to reach my goal, the more people came into my life who helped me to reach there. Various platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn came handy.

The sad part is the industry is so saturated its indeed frustrating to break in, I took a hell lot of time to understand how things goes and I don't wanna rant but meeting any never came out to be fruitful, being a woman do added to my hurdle but I accepted the fate as it is.

MARKETING SKILLS: You see marketing in India is difficult, its complicated. Its a mere game of favoritism and how cheap the offer you place in front of your client. Value for money is not calculated much in terms of quality of work rather its quantity. Online and offline marketing is two sets one needs to master, its indeed a good idea to keep all the doors open. Offline is all about how good are you with people but keeping in mind the saturation existing its difficult to break ones bond to place yours. Online marketing is fairly a second vendor job but when you don't have enough fund then the who game is in your hand how you place yourself online. Social media is the key but playing it well is above all that matters.

NEGOTIATING AND BALANCING THE WORK PRESSURE: Not denying to the fact I didn't freakout on the no. of changes my initial clients game me. It was very demanding and confusing. You see getting into commercial industry is not long lasting as people get emotionally involved with their work and its important to let go as soon as possible. I learnt a very hard way to maintain a balance where I bring my client come to mutual terms. Mind games is a constant affair and living in peace is important.

SO here are my top five things I learnt the hard way about going about freelancing.. If you think I missed something and you wish to add.. feel free to comment below..


Finally I am a freelance commercial food, people and product photographer and a cinemagraph artist based out of Mumbai India. Feel free to connect for any queries..

Thanks for reading..

See you tomorrow!

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