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5 kinds of people you should avoid

We live in an era where reaching out to people is easier than ever. People love being associated with big names and sadly many don't shy away flaunting about it even if the matter is half true.

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When I just started my journey into photography I was very enthusiastic about meeting people, seeing few big names in the portfolio was quite impressive, as days and years passed by I started to filter this act of meeting based in various factors.

I may sound ranting but if your are a parent who wishes its child to get into any industry which sells dreams I guess you should read my article. Its gonna be scary, its gonna be discouraging but I am here to say the truth, completely #unfiltered Have you ever thought the amount of controversy and gossip which happens in our day to day life has anything worth to learn from? If you think hard you will see a pattern and it will help you to reach your goal faster.

So here are five kinds of people whom you should avoid in your professional life.

PEOPLE JUSTIFYING THEIR EXISTENCE PRETTY HARD: I have met many people who love to justify their standard based on the kind of association they have rather than the kind of work they have done. Taking names of various big goons in the industry is their passion and somehow they find it intimidating, well yes many new babes do take it in the similar passion as its the sole agenda, but worth to ponder why the person is so pressing about it. Taking few names to prove your worth is worth the say (I do state few of my clients to give the other person a basic understanding) but adding multiple in the entire conversation justifies how not so confident is the person. Such people are just looking for some kind of acceptance and letting such people into your life mold you in the similar fashion.

LACK OF SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE: Social media is not just a fancy world in the professional world, its indeed a proof if you really exist in the market or not and how updated you are with yourself. Sharing work on a constant basis justifies how active you are and where exactly you stand in reality. People shying away most probably don't have work. Running a firm with no social presence is a sole example of how out of work you are. Associating with people with passion looking for work is different but people who claim to be into the industry for a decade with no presence is an ultimate example of one fishing around.

PEOPLE WHO DEMEAN ELSE: Ranting is a part of who we are, a self massage to our ego, to our presence is needed from time to time but if the person is ranting about every experience better to avoid such people. They can't see things or they hardly self analyze. You really don't wish to join their club.

PEOPLE WHO PROCRASTINATE: OK.. I do too procrastinate but no to the level that you are stuck in the same position in the same firm for a decade both in terms of professional and personal life. I have came across many people who tend to avoid coming out of their comfort zone and then pondering on the topic of absence of change in life! Things don't happen when you just dream. Dreaming is a will, its a inner drive but indeed you have to do things in physical to achieve what you wish to. Live with people who loves to solve the toughest problems first, such act makes your life easier and you reach your goal faster. We really live in a fast paced life where even the 5th person commenting over a person's profile whom it looks up to desperately will get passed.

WHO ARE TOO ENGROSSED INTO THEIR OWN BELIEVES: We all have certain set of rules we tend to follow in our life. We have certain set of believes we practice. When the very act starts dominating to the extent that the person wants the other person to believe the same is a good sign to cut off. Such people are often delusional and avoid to put self in else's shoes. Don't expect them to come to their eye level. You know! iTs just irritating nothing else. Rather than living with the agitation and negative energy its best to part yourself away and make your own set of rules, open your mind see the world and observe.


Hey, myself Shovona, a freelance commercial photographer based out of Mumbai, India. I primarily shoot product, people, portraits and food. I love sharing my freelance life tips and tricks over my Instagram account so do make sure to follow me there. Living a life of my own past 15 years have made me come across many and many have helped me to be what I am today and I am indeed thankful to all. Hope the above helps you too.

With best wishes..

Thanks for reading....

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