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5 New year resolutions one should think about.

Its 26th of December and the year is coming to its end, the year has marked many incidences and personal loss and gain. I am pretty sure it has been a wonderful journey for many. As like any other new year we all make, a-to-do list for the coming times and we do loose the tag over it as time passes. There is something very pretty about resolutions, above all a feeling of positivity and attitude to look forward as things comes.

Eating healthy, working out regularly and traveling is a common agenda for many. These 5 new year reso is something I am sure you are pretty much practicing but making self aware of it is many may not be doing. Doing something everyday can be a monotony for many or a discipline, its up to you how you describe it.

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  • TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF: Its obvious to say eating healthy and a regular run is a part of many of you out there, but there are few things falling under which will make life much more easier. Making a meal for self a night before and keeping your clothes ready, do save a lot of time in the morning specially for the morning work runners. Finding time to meditate is a gift you must give it to yourself, make plans to be with people who loves you and who means a lot to you. Life is short!

  • BE CAREFUL ABOUT YOUR EXPENDITURE: Demonetization and other major financial gigs played by the govt has not exactly proved well for the public, past many years, money is a crunch and its high time we do recheck our self of what we bring into our lives. The 60:40 rule is a good thing to work with, spend post you saved. 60% of your income should go to your saving and rest you should keep for various daily activities. Parties needs to get rechecked and if your a food, cooking self a meal is a good option to think about. Public transport or sharing a cab going on the similar path is something you should not shy away. Re visit your wardrobe and I am pretty sure you have something in there that you have not wore since ages and most probably it will fit you well.

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  • FOSTER AN ANIMAL: We humans tend to be more of a self centered, specially in today's time. Helping one specially the furry pooch near your house has many benefits. You have a dog or a cat without exactly having a responsibility. They are sure a stress buster and a wonderful companion. Your left overs doesn't exactly go to waste and your money is worth spend.

  • THINK MORE AS AN ENTREPRENEUR: Many will suggest to get a time slack dedicated to life than social media, but I defend it stating think your social media as a platform to build a business. Build a brand, bring the positive aspect of yours in front of people, your followers and help others to be a part of it and make a living out of it. Yes! be careful about what you say and how you say and what you share. Controversy is good, being silly is a new trend but maintain a balance. Sanity is an upcoming fashion and one should really look forward to it. It doesn't matter if your selling a product or a service, use your social presence to make a living, make it worth to be on there online. Investment of time has to be more business oriented.

  • DONATE: Crisis is nothing new nor old, it will always exist, donating blood in a blood bank on a regular basis helps one to keep a check on its weight, saves lives and you get credit in hospital. Be aware of the conditions and terms you need to be under to be eligible to donate blood. Donate a certain amount to support ones education, you needn't shed your entire pocket but helping a child at a time is not a bad idea, ask your CA if you can get any tax benefits, charity starts at home, sparing an hour for your maids kids is not a bad idea at all to start with.


Hey, wonderful people, myself Shovona, a freelance commercial photographer presently based in Mumbai, India. I have worked for many major brands and corporate like TATA, ICICI, Cadbury, TISSOT and more. Running a production house of my own have taught a lot about life and how to take care of it on daily basis. Creating images has been my addiction rather than passion or hobby and I like it that way. The discipline to create things has made my life more meaningful.

Thanks for reading..

See you tomorrow!

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