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5 Reasons I love myself

Why exactly I click myself, am I a part of the narcissist club? Am I self obsessed?

what is the exact reason.

To answer this, there is nothing like stated above. Its pure self love and a part of my meditation. Imagining myself in different formats is my way of letting people know what I have in mind. And creating self portrait is more than just photography its a self check!

I started clicking myself back in the year 20010 and the affair with myself is ever growing.

5 reasons why I click myself.

  • DOCUMENTATION: Photography makes more sense when there is a series to complete a story. One image is not always good enough to let one know what its about and a series keeps one engaged with your journey. I love to share my journey with others and let people know there is no harm to let out things, share things in public and speak your mind out. Beauty lies in many factors, in this case, the courage to let people know.

  • INSECURITY: If you think I don't feel self conscious, I do. Many occasions do makes me uncomfortable, clubs and pubs are not exactly I sit or enter with ease. There is this constant self judgement my mind does. I need a self check from time to time and that's what portraying myself does. It helps me to understand myself better and go less hard on myself.

  • ARTIST: Creation is artistic and I am one. I love creating images which are provoking and raises brows. If people think I am unconventional let them have the view in more exaggerated way. Adoring the fact that I am photogenic is exciting and way too pampering. My images give me the power to do more with myself and hence I get the gut to come out of the shell.

  • REALITY CHECK: I have always fancied magazines covers with those perfect face pasted over the front cover and imagined for long how imperfect I am. When I merged myself into photography and the commercial aspect taught me so much about the process one image goes through to be the ideal one to share with many, I realized how hard I was on myself and how hard people are on themselves. It helped me to ease a little and be flawless with the marks I am born and brought up with.

  • SELF LOVE: There is not defined reason why I click myself, I started with the agenda to learn photography and editing keeping myself as a model as none wanted to volunteer but the process just became my second nature. The fun part is I never run out of display images over various social media, hahaha... but its indeed a pleasure to self growing as days and months and years passed by, I have been in peace since then and other people's opinion matters to the least.


Ever thought how much your body speaks about your inner health? If you have documented self for a month you will find the difference. Its a venerable place to be in front of the camera where all your lies gets detected and the beauty lies in your eyes.

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