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5 top resolutions for the year 2019

Before I share the resolution I have in mind for the year 2019, I am really not sure how far I will be sticking to it.. haha.. being realistic, but worth a try!

I am sure being healthy, being more mindful about your inner self and the outer world will be on your list and there is nothing different from mine. In-fact I am not sharing anything different.

I am simply glad that I am finally recovering from my depression and and looking forward for something more happily ever after. Depression took some 5 years of my life and there are valid incidents and reasons which made me suffer and I do wish to share but not today, not on the very first day of the year but being honest is something I guess I will like to stick to it for the coming months as long as possible.

1. The lamest of all but indeed important, I wish to start running again, atleast one lap of 3 km thrice a week. Running is not just about loosing weight, being a person working from the comfort of my own space I need to get out and breath, connect myself with the outside world, smile at strangers or rather wish them. I am quite lucky to be residing in a beautiful part of Mumbai, Bandra and both the sea shores are not very far and I feel guilty indeed that I don't greet it much as I should do. So yeah.. going out of my nest everyday is something I am looking forward to.

2. A year full of ups and downs have taught me the importance of money, a loaded bank is fancy and helpful and boosting, so yeah, I am not trying to be minimalist here but I guess I have quite acquired a good control over myself in terms of spending. I am more interested into investment than spending. Collection of clothing is quite good in my cupboard and I am quite sorted in terms of gadgets. I am eager to spent on over educational content and yes traveling is in my list but I guess I need to wait a little more before I make my plans to be a wanderlust. Cooking more homecook meals is on the top of my list and as always eliminate sugar and unhealthy carbs.

3. Many may not be aware of my 365 self portrait program but I wish to restart my exercise of capturing and documenting myself and else on every single day basis. A day is worth when its productive, each step taken towards your goal make you feel less waste. To add I love to document my own home made recipes and they are lazy to make.. I make sure its for the lazy ones! If I have to share a secret with you.. its my mixer blender.. hahaha.. seriously.

4. I am close to being 30 and this is something my brother has in his genes, reading books, reading.. I was somehow very distant from this activity and never exactly understood what kind of meditation it can be. Running you mind wander into the beautiful world of the writer is worth time spent. Yes I do judge a book by its cover and I don't deny that, well there is no harm being a little honest you see! I love the fact I have started reading few and have finished few too, personally I don't believing in letting people know what they should, I feel just grab something and start reading, be it anything.

5. Last but not the least, I wanna wake up early in the morning, one of the worst things depression can do to you, is to start eating you up internally and making you slow, making you feel worthless and unwanted. I recently had a very interesting conversation with someone, where he stated and negotiated over the fact that we are morning beings, just because mass follow certain customs it doesn't make it a principle, being nocturnal is not negative just little off the track. As long as you are making your day worth and productive and taking each step towards your goal, it doesnt matter when your wake up.

With that note.. a Very happy new year.. and looking forward for more as the day comes along.. be safe.. drink responsively and drive safely.. Goodnight!

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