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My life my rules.. but what exactly rules and what don't... Few things I feel we don't need to be a part of our existence.. .I am been living by myself past 15 years and have seen no. of ups and downs in life, my father has always been my support pillar and have always guided me with Patience! all he has to say is dream and have patience. Now we live in an era where being what you are as an individual matters more than anything, your birth place , your religion your conservative believes comes secondary to your work and your social introduction. Various things which was or rather still been meant to be basics of good life has taken a back seat. Somethings are on the verge of being optional.

Here are 5 top things which don’t exactly have primary value.

  • MARRIAGE: If you fall anywhere between 24 to 30 I totally understand the annoyance you must be facing by your parents, all they wanna see you is SETTLED! But ever you made them explained what being settled means in real.. in present time? Love is just a infatuation and everyone is looking for a quick fix in life, and to be honest having a life partner to share doesn't exactly have to end into social and legal commitments. Many countries like Middle East don't give you the freedom but there are many which do.. including India.. surprisingly yes but socially be ready for unwanted queries by your nosy next door baboons. All one needs is someone to talk to, to share and to give, the aspect of communal living is not going anywhere vintage, as we humans are not exactly meant to be monks of Himalayas.

  • HAVING YOUR OWN HOUSE: After living in Mumbai since past 6 years I have understood one thing, one should not fall in trap of buying your own nest. Yes for sure having something of one's own gives a power of authority and security but it's a life long liability, in case you are not sure about things specially with your job, you are planning for immigration and just love to happy hippie life , getting a house of your own is not the smartest thing you will do, keeping in mind the present situation do give u an option of renting one out n saving a lot of those interest. Renting can be annoying and it is, specially here in Mumbai, but I personally feel I save a lot and I am not tied to anything back which keeps my wings un-clipped.

  • STICKING TO ONE JOB: There was a time back in 80s and 90s a guy was supposed to be a Babu! if he is either managing a private workshop or employed with a govt company, either ways a full time job was considered socially accepted. Well as time passed and things evolved people tend to break norms and created a name of their own in various unconventional forms of professions. But if we come back to present having a side business or something part time is a smart thing to do, extra income n extra way to invest n save it for later plus with so many options available you exactly don't have to ping pong between your full time office n else.

  • HANGING ON WITH ONE PERSON: It may sound very demeaning but the truth is if you wanna be happy, move on... People tend to change faster n as everyone is replaceable..the faster you get used to it better you focus on self n few who really mean to you. As I mentioned people are looking for a quick fix, a simple BLOCK! option over various apps given an end to any conversation or relationship. Very rarely people tend to bend, heal the broken conversation, a scar just goes infected all because of lack of needed care and patience any way we tend to cut off just to move on but at the end there is nothing wrong about it too.

  • FEELING OF YOU BELONGING TO YOUR PARENTS FULL TIME: MATA .. PITA.. DEV JAGAT HAMAAR! Yes they gave you birth and took care at their best to help you what you want to be, but there is no practical reason for you to be with them all throughout your life. There is indeed a responsibility to look after but there are no rules made for you to stick along all life, life is more than them, their literal existence around you, you are a separate entity and you have things to do to give a meaning to your own existence.. Move out discover.. experiment and make an identity for yourself. ________________________________________________________________

Toh bhai.. Hamar naam Shovona HAi! Hum gyan devi hain.. haha.. presently settled in Mumbai and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks for reading..

See you tomorrow...

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