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5 Things believe it or not!

Life is a complicated fusion of things we believe and some we don’t, few we can see in reality some we don’t. Feelings, rage, anger, insecurity, love, jealousy.. so many things define what we are... Being religious, spiritual, atheist is a personal choice, so do having a believe in spirits, ghost, whatever you call.

Running a show alone both personally and professionally has nothing much to do with my top 5 things but yes I have somehow found peace practicing them.

  • THINGS HAPPENS FOR GOOD: To keep things clear, I am not stating all those unfortunate abuse and molestation and accidents to be on the good book what I wanna state is things beyond our control or our emotional stability, loosing track once in life is all good. Getting caught for something unfair to else or letting your dirty secrets in open, if you think hard, few incidents in life happens for ones good. It gives you a chance to work on prior its too late. In-case you don’t believe, its totally cool!

  • IT’S NOT IMPORTANT TO BE A INSTANT: We all are in a constant virtual touch with people all round the globe, whats-app BLUE tick is like any drug raising an urge to looking forward to, SEEN AT is again working on the similar lines. What one has to understand, things can wait!, there is no hurry to reply to ones forwards and surveys keeping your VIP work aside, there are things all round the day which needs your constant attention than those unlimited like and tag pings. It’s not even important to reply if your don’t feel like, let you give self a break, take deep breaths and initiate the conversation afresh.

  • HONKING IS NOT IMPORTANT: Stuck in traffic! so do many others along you, its a chain reaction, and Honking is not gonna clear the way exclusively for you, sadly what happens is you raise the tension way more with the annoying noise pollution. Wait... respect the driver in front of you, and one infront of that and then in-front of that and so on...

  • HAVE PATIENCE: Breath in and out is not any fancy term, its a practical theory, which actually works. We all are impatient, not in once in blue moon, but almost everyday. BREATH IN! BREATH OUT! Yes things takes time and good things takes time. Effort is a collaboration of your passion and how much you waited for ... if you want things your way, you indeed have to work but with patience.

  • ITS NOT GOOD TO BE TOO GOOD: Counting your karma is one thing, but being sane is another. Life is unfair and its true. Survival of best is a basic rule how life moves and that doesn’t mean you take the shit as it comes along. You need to learn to give back as needed. You have a worth and you have right to tag yourself with it and if one questions, at times you need to let them show them a mirror.


hey, Myself Shovona, a freelance creative mad hatter based in Mumbai India. I have always thought and to be honest in a process to think what exactly being in peace means. There are no pills, no monthly subscription, its all in you. Getting rid of fear and insecurities.. is a one of the secret.

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