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5 things I do to feel inspired

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Who doesn't like its day to go awesome.. productive and worth living a life. Inspiration is all we are looking for around us almost all the time, inspiration to wake up, to work and even to fall sleep to start the cycle again all over again the next day and so on.

What exactly inspiration means, it can be the special coffee which wakes your senses up to the yummy dish your next door aunt makes it for you or the special morning message you get from your special ones. Whatever it may be, we need a dose of it. Lately we all been swayed by our digital friends who takes away a lot of us and its high time we connect back to our roots.

So here are my 5 things I do everyday to keep myself on check and I like the daily routine I have lately made it in my life. Depression took a lot from me in past many years and I wish to highlight cause I know exactly how it feels, for the people who are lucky enough to escape, you are just LUCKY!

I WAKE UP EARLY: Last month I was lucky to hear that I am almost on the verge of going depression free and I am on my last course, so I thought to reschedule my daily routine and grabbed this book "My morning routine" which is full of personal notes and surprisingly it helped me to at least be up as early as possible. The morning silence is so peaceful, its a perfect time to meditate and read a book and make self a cuppa tea unless I have a shoot and I pack my stuff accordingly which just leads to a exciting rush with my fav assistant. If I am at my space, I love to check on my plants and get down to write my thoughts over here post I make sure my space is clear, clean and arranged.

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I CREATE SOMETHING VISUAL EVERYDAY: Photography is not something I chose, indeed its a thing which chose me and I am so grateful to it since I can remember, giving a meaning to my life. I make sure to click pictures dedicated to my respective projects working parallel to each other to keep my enthu in check and for sure to share things with you all to keep you all updated. Make something to do something you love every single day, whatever your day may be, it will still be meaningful with that one thing you accomplished.

I LOVE STALKING CREATIVES: Reading something about one who made things possible, or going though its creativity is highly inspirational to me. I love the fact how much they influence me in my work and personal life. My YouTube subscribe list ranges anywhere between musicians to financial bloggers to space designers and food lovers. I love to have something of all in small doses everyday. Presently I am following channels like apartment therapy, refinery 29, open space, jamie oliver and more.

I love visiting galleries and book store even a nice small restaurant is a happy source of my inspiration to bring it into my life. I visit this space TAJ tea house in Bandra and I love the way they have styled it and adding to it the collection of tea blends they serve.

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I TALK TO MY FOLKS EVERY SINGLE DAY: Whatever it may be, sunny or raining, hot or cold I make sure I am talking to my dad, living far away from them and not been able to visit them often due to my unpredictable work life and my FOMO of loosing out of things here in Mumbai do makes me feel guilty every single day. Yes I have an agenda of getting a bigger space and let them live with me but I guess I will take time as I am almost restarting things. I am grateful to them being with me, believing in me and blindly supporting. I am lucky that way! Sending them to any stupid home will destroy my karma and that's my worst dream I will wish to have.

I CONNECT SOMEONE FROM MY DIARY EVERYDAY: Depression took a lot from me, my contacts, my friends, my aspiration. So I have made an agenda to meet someone or least connect over a call, asking for forgiveness if I had hurt them someway or stating my thanks for all the support they gave. I even make sure to share things over my Instagram account and let people know what I stand for. Cooking is again a way I like to connect to people I lost my touch with. My plant buddies do give an excuse to extend my talk.

The list is not over but the above are my top five. Cooking is something I should not miss but yes it do inspires me. Its more like a stress buster and keep my bank account checked.

Will like to know more about yours.. let me know in the comment below or just DM me.. Looking forward..

And THanks for reading..!

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