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biki is a muaythai fighter based in mumbai

An art of 8 limbs. Hands, elbow, leg and feet. Its unforgiving, its deadly. I joined Biki in 2007 and to be honest I was very skeptical, my first day was a trial and I instantly got hooked to it.

Its quite natural for anyone to come to the club for the first time and get intimidated, a mix of people of different Excalibur is very over whelming, anyway I thought to give it a second try and ever since I am here working on my skills.

Age do matter when you start but if your consistent nothing can stop you.

So 5 things I learnt being a muay thai student.

biki is a muaythai fighter based in mumbai

TRY THINGS DIFFERENTLY: Even water gets spoil if left stagnant, likewise our mind wanders for things to happen differently, it looks for challenges. I am a long distance cyclist but I so wished to get something more challenging. Its not easy to be in a space not very familiar to us but it do give a chance to know our self and our limits. I am not subjecting my statement just to sports but indeed to anything which you find difficult. As long as you try chances are you will beat the odds and move ahead. Force yourself a bit to be up for the matter, a little push is something we all look for.

BE CONSISTENT: Whatever may be the skill you are trying to posses and you know you are in the initial stage. Be consistent, take up the effort to take part, see showing up and doing has a difference. As long as your putting an effort to learn bits and pieces your are on the right track.

FOLLOW THE RULES BEFORE YOU BREAK THEM: There is a reason why A comes before B and so on. Learn the rules, learn the grammar of the skill you are trying to posses, do not jump to the aspect of breaking it. Follow your master or anyone or anything leading you the path. There is a way to reach your goal, master the basics!

BE PATIENCE: Patience almost comes in every book I have read, good things comes when there comes a good time. We all rephrase the meaning in our own ways in millions of languages people speak all over the world. Sure many have technical reasons for it and many connect it to the almighty. Its also connected to the mental growth we gain as a we re-frame the bits into a meaningful slate.

biki is a muaythai fighter based in mumbai

TAKE BREAKS: You don't gain muscle when you pump it every single day, it is when you give it space and time to repair. We break, we get hurt and we go through the pain and its equally important to give a break, to give our immune system to adjust and remake things to up to the expectations. Exhausting yourself is never a solution rather step aside, scan yourself, your skill so far and rethink what you liked and what you didn't.

Well all the above is quite simple things and I am sure we all know most of the things I stated above, but I guess its important to re share it from time to time, its important to make yourself feel things are achievable. Breaking down complexity tends to encourage people to move ahead, take step and bring change in life for better tomorrow.

biki is a muaythai fighter based in mumbai


Hey Hi, myself Shovona, a freelance commercial food, product and people photographer based out of Mumbai India. Feel free to connect for any queries.

Thanks for reading..

See your tomorrow.

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