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5 things I wish people can understand

portrait photography of a woman with curly hair
Self Portrait

We are in the 21st century, era of unimaginable technology, super sonic process and era of checking self and trying to filter and curate self in each and every step. But stop! before you cross the limit and its too late to be sane here are few things I wanna share with you all. The feeling of being accepted is not something you only go through, the one who have gained fame and name crave it far more than you, you see they have more to loose. Playing according to the social norms is not traditional anymore, rather the more you try to jump high, swim deep and think bizzard, chances are people will notice you in some or the other way. Any marketing is a good marketing.. my friend and all you do with it is in your hand.

Here are my 5 things I wish people can understand.

SHIT IS JUST NOT ONLY SUBSCRIBED TO YOU: We all like to throw a little of tantrum stating we are going through a lot, unless you have a shed over your head and food to eat, possibilities are endless. Lack of opportunities, lack of things we see other posses is often been misunderstood, we feel ourselves as "Not the chosen ones" and the feeling of being underrated is all we live with. Well true some are born with a silver spoon, but if you back to their history there was one who did things beyond its comfort, even queen Elizabeth fixed vans and trucks back in world war. Best thing to do is to open few old books, read the old men and women. Dig as much as possible to understand from where they come from. Having all the name and fame brings its own fancy SHIT to go through. The more you are in ease while the phase the better you showcase yourself. We are a part of an ecosystem where Charles Darwin theory will exist as long as we are alive.

GETTING MARRIED DOESN'T DEFINE STABILITY IN LIFE: Who doesn't crave for love, yes people are there who wishes to retire, live a non materialist life, but the feeling of belonging-sens is not going away, its just changes in form, be a soul mate or a cozy house on hills with the most exotic view, you want something to calm you down, to give you company. In case you are still single looking for the special once and on the side your mates found one back in the school n college days, Don't think you have hit the wall, post dating guys over the past many years I have understood a basic fact, options are numerous and a quick fix is not a solution in today's time. Above all what we should really look around is a good company who doesn't judge you but at the same time is not biased. Let it be a pet or a friend or a mate or even a cozy house. As long as you are productive and giving back to the society you should feel good and call it stable.

YOUR BANK BALANCE SHOULD NOT RESTRAIN YOU IN ANYWAY: Who doesn't need money. Who doesn't like money, if one says NO! please shut him up. But reality is the market is going bad and work scarcity is cribbing in. We are more cautious about how we spend now more than ever. cashback is a new fancy term to fix our Financial Fixation. Things has to move on, life has to move on and there is no way you will achieve your goals and dreams being shut between four walls. Hope! Internet is the best thing happened to the Mankind, possibilities are now at your desk space. How you use it will give shape to the idea you always had in your head you wished to make it true. Information is plenty but avoid self with overload. Goal is to plan things accordingly, I don't deny things will happen without spending a penny but minimizing your expenses and putting it into thing it really needs to happen for a better tomorrow should be the agenda.

NO SHAME ASKING MONEY FROM YOUR PARENTS: Financial crunch is a real problem and we have to admit it, there is nothing wrong with you if you are off work for months and even years, sadly things are pretty low economically. I understand you wish to stand on your own money and make things happen for self and your parents and siblings and other dear ones but there is nothing wrong to reach out to them when you need a little money push.

BEING STUPID IS OK: Are you trying to rehearse for the next gala? Darling life is not a gala and that's the best part. Criticizing self is your fav thing to do? Now lets not be too hard on self. Being silly is the new fashion in today's time and we have given it a nice fancy name to it.. COMEDIAN! there is no harm being what you are, its healthy in-fact. We indirectly portray a positive side of being a human and what is reality vs staged. Don't overdo it. There is this amazing sweet little charm being silly, being kiddish, is that we tend to be retain the best soul possible and teach other how to be more Human.


Hey, my name is Shovona, a freelance commercial photographer based out of Mumbai, India. You see, being into an industry where perfection sells and reality is underrated I tend to compromise in my thoughts in exchange of money which helps to fuel my soul and body, but there are so many things I wish to share I found my blog to be the best place and I hope you like what you read.

Thanks for reading...

See your tomorrow!

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