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5 Things one should avoid in daily life.

This note is not about plastic ban or anti smoking campaign. I am not gonna tell you to take public transport either, though they are important. Few things which we do and unintentionally hamper our pocket, our financial budget. Things we don’t think can be fatal, can cost you a fortune. I have personally learnt my lessons and few I am still making a part of my habit, things which have proved not so cool.

  • OVERCHARGING CELL PHONE: Something we do intentionally and unintentionally, leaving our cellphone to get charged over night and even recharging it even at 99% is ruining your cell phone slowly. I personally have a pixel 2 and it so happened when I did the same and one day I started experiencing how mad my cell phone was acting, when given for a service, good luck it was under warranty, got to know the phone battery was bloated due to over charging. Like any battery, it needs a complete depletion prior to its next charge leading to less erosion it produces which finally reduces the battery life. If you are one who change phones often I am sure this word will not be useful but for the people who love to stay longer with the most private thing in your life, try to go a little easy with it.

  • CHECK YOUR GAS TWICE: Many may have induction at their space but there are people who do love to cook over fire. LPG, Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a high inflammable substance and can be fatal which one don’t wish to think about and I totally agree to it. One small exercise can keep you in one piece, just switch off the regulator post you are done with your cooking and specially when you leave your home and don’t think twice just take the regulator off the cylinder in-case your are traveling for long.

  • TAKE OFF THE PLUGS: It may sound a little debatable to take the plug off even if your equipment is not in use, as you may say a thing as simple as “I am not using the product so for sure its not consuming the potential electricity” Its true you are not practically consuming electricity but electrical fluctuations is always there or simply avoid any hazard in-case else suffers in the similar line. Your electrical line around your place is a sub-connection to the major line for your apartment, choose to take off the plugs and switch off to avoid any errors.

  • SHUTDOWN YOUR COMPUTER: Almost all have the habit of keeping our computers running for days and even weeks, sadly this act overheats our computer and decrease the life, something I am not pretty sure but yes its more susceptible to hackers, taping the camera is good idea again making it a less ideal for hackers to peep into your life. I have experienced something very silly but it do make my computer crazy slowly, Hahaha.. I don’t know what exactly it has to do with what but giving my computer a break has kept it sane.

  • MAKE MULTIPLE COPIES OF YOUR KEYS: I personally love to keep 3 to 4 set of my keys, well not to myself but one set each to two of my friends. Locking self down outside your space is common keeping in mind how much we are in hurry in day to day life. Yes keep in mind the people who have your keys, you are aware of them in and out. I have lost my keys and I know how much the act saved my life. _______________________________________________________________

Hey! Myself Shovona Karmakar, a freelance commercial photographer based out of Mumbai, India. It’s not exactly a year I am blogging and vlogging but I find this act to remind myself to preach. Well apart from sharing my views I love to take commercial assignments which pays my major bills . portraits, food, product are something I love. Ping me.. !

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