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5 things one should know.. Must Know!

We all love to be independent, Freedom! is all we seek, we all love to travel, explore things, be adventures. We all love to get pampered. Yes we have some long term and short term plans, some planing for their future, some stuck in past. There are few activities and skills one must learn best before their 30s. I admit, myself have not scored my full marks in the acts I wish to share, but indeed they are in my list.Parents who have kids above 3 and those who are suffering the Teenage syndrome, haha.. yes this is for you too.The era we live in is fast forwarding in a pace few can and can’t imagine, I hope many will agree to my thoughts if not and wish to add are always welcome into the comment section below.

  • ART OF COOKING: The art of cooking is a basic skill to survival, there is no harm to let self go back to stone age. Buying your own veggies and if possible growing some of your own save a lot of money, help you to understand the effort one puts in to grow them hence reducing wastage. Nevertheless the skill is a stress buster to many, if your are one looking to impress your date you know the way to someones heart is the belly. A lot of stories we come across do states the art of cooking has become a second source of income and if you are too passionate about the smell, flavor, texture culinary school is a place for you.

  • LEARN TO DRIVE: Off course these activities should be permitted on road post you cross the legal age of driving, but there is not harm if you learn a little prior. The skill saves a lot of lives including your in many crisis. I like the part where it makes me feel a little grownup and have responsibilities with the very essence of FREEDOM!Be cautious, don’t drink and drive in short DRIVE RESPONSIBLY.

  • SWIM ALONG CYCLE: Without any argument they are the best form to keep self in shape. One saves a lot of money by riding along small and medium distance in and around your locality, giving away swimming classes along an additional under water diving license can generate a lot of side income for you. Yes, you do a favor to the environment and feel grounded. At the end of your year you will sure be surprised how much money you save over your insurance, taxes, fuel and those expensive gym membership.

  • REPAIR AND REUSE: A handy toolkit is a good investment keeping in mind when you can escape calling electricians for those nick knack situations like drilling holes, hammering nails, fixing boards and fixing screws where they do pull out a good amount of money in exchange, surely don’t do things by yourself in case of heavy electrical installations and fixing and call the professionals. Adding to it having a sewing kit is also a cool thing to do, fixing those buttons, hooks or minor tear.A

  • BOOK A MONTH: Digital addiction may not sound dangerous but surprisingly it decreases our ability of being productive. The amount of spent over online is mind boggling. A very simple old school practice of reading a book a month helps you to be off the screen, increase your concentration power, feed you with well investigated knowledge (a lot of false information is floating over the internet) decreases the urge of digital check at the end helps you to be more productive.


Hello!, Myself Shovona, a freelance commercial portrait and product photographer presently based out of Mumbai. I travel and love to study about new culture and food. Blogging is my way to let you know or introduce myself to you all, I am not perfect as its an illusion but I am passionate about what I say.

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