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5 Things we should avoid over Facebook.

Who does not like getting attention, a little lime lights is always in their bucket list and there is nothing wrong about it. Social media platforms has given almost everyone the power to make self unique in some way. The buzz of being a Facebook star started a decade back and still we are hooked to it, sadly with all the advertising algorithm we push a little more hard to come to ones notice.

Here are 5 things one should avoid over Facebook

  • TAGGING MULTIPLE PEOPLE: Tagging, is an option provided to let people know and specially bring the person concerned into notice. Sadly people add multiple names just to attract attention in the name of likes and comments. There is nothing more annoying for one to see itself tagged where the person doesn’t even exist in reality or least connected to it directly. Tagging one over a missing poster and birthday cake is not only stupid but its just let you present as an attention seeker. Tag one who should benefit or have anything to do directly.

  • RANTING LIKE A CHILD: There is nothing wrong to bring people into notice about the matters it may concern like product review, service quality and more on similar lines. Its entirely stupid to rant about personal matter, giving away information about how your personal life is shaping up unless its meant to convey a message is totally pointless. Sadly no one is concerned if you having a bright day or got stabbed.. even if your a celebrity. Keeping personal life personal is one should start learning asap.

  • POSTING CASUAL CONTENT: Yes, we love to flaunt how happy we are and how happening our life is, sadly social media has made us more judgemental than ever before. Giving away information even if its useless just adding to your personal info into public and you never know which crazy is stalking you from where. Be careful about what you post and how you present it, how you invite people to have a look and whom you mention.

  • NO CASHBACK OFFERS ON JELLYBEAN: We all know those game forwards and request we often receive from friends or bots. Those silly challenges which is just a mere waste of time in the name of relaxation. Sadly they don’t pay and there is no cashback offer one will be interested to join in. Playing these games just makes your system more prone to things you don’t wish to know or better you don’t know. Be very careful about what you click!

  • TIME HAS NO REWIND BUTTON: There is not debate we waste a lot of time being on these platforms more than needed, peeping into others life is so Balaji Telefilms. It’s an important aspect of life to be in touch with people for both personal and professional reasons but you don’t have to spend the entire day, life is still going on its own pace and being on it for long is nothing turning things into good. Making it a part of your breath is immature , use it as needed and when needed and spread things which does good to others.


A social media addict, yes I am on these modes but I have learnt a hard way to go out and see things in real, make my day worth it. Hi, myself Shovona, a freelance commercial photographer and a product stylist based out of Mumbai India. I talk about things which may or may not make sense but I don’t feel guilty cause I love to be on the roller coaster ride of being heard and unheard.

Thanks for reading.

See you tomorrow!

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