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5 things you don't know about me

I know I have been tagging myself in your mind being a professional commercial photographer but there are more things than this that defines me... I have a story which many might have heard about and I understand it has come to a happy ending. Apart from sounding a no nonsense person to you all I have things which you will or not find it hilarious, things which makes me look like a stupid dumb fuck at times and I am proud to be one.. hehe

Portrait of a woman with curly hair

  • I AM A SELF TAUGHT PHOTOGRAPHER: yes I have attended a year of design school and completed my 4 year graduation in art history, academically I was always in and around something to do with visual arts but I will be honest I learnt things the hard and lonely way. I am a self taught visual artist and learned things by doing, creating something every single day since past 8 years now. Turning it into a full time profession is itself a story but I am surprised I have learnt so much about myself and my abilities that way.

  • I AM LIVING ALONE PAST 15 YEARS: Well sad part I never had the privilege to live in a close family, good part I learnt to live in peace quite early, self dependency was been taught to me in my mid teen days. The art of cooking was a gifted to me by my dad and I learnt to take calls for myself. I have no regrets in-fact I guess things happened for good.

  • I CAN SPEAK IN 4 LANGUAGES: The best part of being brought up in various cosmopolitan places is the intense exchange of culture and thoughts. At present I can read n write n speak in Hindi, English, Bhojpuri though I can only speak in Bengali. Yes my outlook do define me one who is not an Indian but I do feel by heart I am one. Startling people with my ability to speak in Hindi especially is funny and at times heart breaking, why I don't know. The best part is I connect to people faster and they consider me as being approachable. Understanding relationships is something I take seriously.

  • I HAVE CURLS BY BIRTH: Oh! many think I have them by wish, let me tell you, its something I am born with, its something makes me feel good in my skin than being what I used to back in my childhood, It enhances my identity and gives me an excuse to play with them when I am too stressed.

  • I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SWIM: Well yes.. yes..! I don't know how to swim, I am not scared of water just never got the very opportunity to learn it. I love sitting next to an empty beach and river. I wonder it must be fun for those to challenge the nature and for some who knows who tiny they are.


HI.. everyone. myself Shovona, a free birdie.. well clicking images which looks commercially acceptable by clients, brands, agencies and corporate companies is my job, in short commercial/ advertising photographer. Presently I am based in Mumbai, India. I love momos and a nice bowl of chicken soup.


Thanks for reading...

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