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5 underrated visual artist.

Whenever we call out the name artist we all think about those canvas or photography prints hanging on the walls of various prestigious exhibition hall or the known and unknown sculptures or the very limited edition automobile. Everything that is tagged of being talented. There is few jobs which is indeed artistic and completely underrated though we are surrounded with it. Skill is their mantra and they live by the basics to bend and mend things we want it to be.`Here are the 5 underrated visual artist we don’t appreciate highly.

  • CARPENTER: I am pretty sure you have some piece of furniture right now next to you or you may be sitting over it as you read my article. Carpentry is a sure skill, knowing the basics to work with the right tools is not easy, its not easy to grab the precision to make the best, yet its the most underrated form of art making. Yes its a product we purchase for our day to day need but we make sure we grab it from the guy who assure the quality of making. So next time you look for furniture online or offline give a thought you are buying a piece of art which is affordable just because its underrated.

KEY MAKER: We all had our time when we wish to keep a copy of those tiny bits of metal which has its own permutation combination to unlock the lock you leave your house with. The art of key making may sound very silly just because we don’t enter any fancy malls or shops for it, they are mostly standing in one corner. Next time give a keen look at the tools they use you will be amused to see process all over again.

  • TRUCK ARTIST: Its one of the very old forms of commercial art which is at present at the verge of extinction. I remember very well back in our childhood trucks had those amazing handmade illustrations all over, the driver and owner gives a good thought about what and how to decorate its Dulhaan! The taglines it carried were innocent, grammatically incorrect but hilariously amusing “Buri Nazaar wale tera mooh kala!”. I am sure the day is not far away when we will see the doors at an art gallery showcasing the amusing form of pop art. These painters are yet not paid handsomely and its a very undermined.

FILM POSTER ARTIST: Back before the days when digital printing came into the scene and became affordable by various film distribution vendors, there exist a group of painter who were responsible to make handmade posters and painting over the walls which acted as outdoor hoarding. Sadly the form of art is a mere vintage and struggling in its own way. I really don’t mind they coming back cause we all need something nostalgic around to keep self grounded.

  • GLASS BOTTLE MAKERS: Making bottles and others from glass is not everyone’s cup of tea, it need sheer patience and skill. The base product is so gullible that it completely relies on the skill of the maker how it comes out at the end, a slight tilt and bend alters the meaning. If you have not thought why perfume and liquor is expensive its due to the added cost of bottle manufacturing, which is just not a bottle but a sheer art in itself. People who are into alcohol they for sure fall in love with bottles. In-fact there are people who are known to collect them.


Hey! I am a freelance advertising photographer based out of Mumbai, India and a bottle collector.

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