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5 must-know facts about the photography business.

An honest confession " I left my 9 to 5 job to work 24*7" and I couldn't agree more. Every time one lets me know the amazement they believe I own in my job, it brings back all the memories of when I almost gave up. Any consideration of creative business is a 21st-century melodrama and it is not meant for the weak heart. Looping cycling of demand and supply and knowing the art of quitting before it gets saturated.

We all know it is important to be creative and above all, it's crucial to understand how to be creative for others to seek a profession in the creative industry. What makes and breaks one to sustain for more than expected is governed by 5 laws and how to implement them into one's life for the better.

To note: From here on, it is gonna be full of life gyaan and sanskaar, so in case you are looking for any creative tips and tricks please do check out my articles especially 3 best alternative careers to commercial photography

Now, let's get back to business!

LAW 1: One thing at a time

A part-time hustler is a myth. It's either you are into it or not. It's like any serious relationship either and there is no middle ground because everything else is "Dolgapaan hai yeah"

The law of attraction governs when you desire something with your whole heart and soul, the universe finds a way to make you meet it. If you ever know anyone who has sailed two boats at the same time, it will be mostly an illusion.

A conservative idea of hustling with your primary job is an idea best suited to hustling forever.

LAW 2: Get your subconscious to work for you.

It is an extension to law 1 where I will encourage anyone to practice the art of letting go of any fear and seeking comfort. I understand, is a mind-blowing transition and many hesitate to talk about it, considering in-case you contemplate even having an adventurous thought, though let's face it, it is not going to be easy but it's all gonna come back far better than ever you imagined cause you deserve it post all the minimalist and sacrificial act you had to adopt in the due journey of being your own boss.

Meditate and learn the art of visualization of your must-have dreams. Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy is an excellent Book to start the process (ignore the religiousness effort put in by the author which can make you feel a little off)

LAW 3: Be smarter with your finances

I love money and I hold no shame or guilt in stating how much I love it every time my bank account gets credited. For everyone else, it is a must to get to know your money and understand how it works and how to make it work for you.

Financial freedom leads to creative freedom, a power you hold in your hands to choose what you wish to do, and with whom and always have an upper hand when it comes to negotiation.

A must-have is a medical insurance | claim and in case you have any who means a lot to you, get a term life insurance.

(I was recently been miss sell a product by my own bank and I had a hell of an experience to prove my point and get the money back, will post about it soon)

In the past two years, I have been observing the power of Mutual funds and highly advise everyone aspiring to be a creative business person to start their financial educational journey asap.

LAW 4: Be Rational with your commissions.

As an artist, it is difficult to let go of your work and I have often seen many aspirants, including myself, getting too attached to my work and not letting themselves loose enough to understand the need of the client and brief. In the commercial business, a change of attitude is non-negotiable. We all have our own version of what we want to do vs what one is asked for and when the work is based on a monetary transaction it is highly important to let go of any ego attached to our outcome and hear the client out better.

Having said the above, I don't mean to care less about the work quality, but rather learn how to balance via direction and communication. One has to remember, as you generate more experience in the industry chances are high that you will come across clientele who are looking for what you do and which speaks your taste, visual treatment and style.

LAW 5: More than photography

This may sound blizzard but the truth to be told, business is not just about how emotionally you are attached to your work but it is also about being rational and practical with your approach, attitude and action. In the creative industry, there is no space for talent unless it has the right attitude along. A better understanding of the business basis is what you should look for if you are serious to pursue a career in the same.

Learn to be a better salesperson, writer, marketer, public speaker, social media manager and analyst, work on your personality and sort out any internal issues you have (anxiety, Adhd, and depression are widespread) don't let it hamper your client image, and learn how to manage your schedule (meditation or any kind of mindfulness activity is a must for any creative aspirant, check out apps like calm and headspace in-case you are not able to afford an in-person session with a professional).

Having the core skill to generate creative content for your audience retains value as long as you bring something fresh in front of your audience and hence never stop learning.

The best part of running or starting any venture is the unknown territory you have allowed yourself to ride on, and be ready to amaze yourself with everything you didn't know about yourself.

Wish you the best!


Hello! Myself, Shovona Karmakar is an advertising photographer and a product stylist based out of Mumbai, India. I have worked with upGrad, Whisper, ICICI, Future Generali, Whisper, Pampers, Morningstar USA, Pepe Jeans and more. An avid plant lover and having the superpower to connect to stray dogs, keep me grounded. If you ever find a crazy chick flying on her cycle, that's me! Check out my other work at:


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