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A day in Mumbai

Soon I am going to celebrate my 5th anniversary being in Mumbai, this city is still as magical as it was when I just shifted. My very decision of changing my base was very intuitive, I somehow managed to understand photography as my escape and Mumbai was the perfect match. Things were not as easy as you may imagine.

With none known or related I started my hunt for a nest where I can rest. So here begins the real test. I took the local to hop to other, I called the stingy looking broker as my brother. I carried my strange face and none believed I am an Indian national, being a single and a non-vegetarian was given as an excuse defined them as ill-rational. My job was vague and pay was low, I had my honest face and white cheque to show. I finally climbed the 3 floor, there waited an empty studio apartment with staircase in front of the door. I do knew the reality by now, and told myself I think I can make a home from this anyhow. I finally shifted 5 years back and now I think it was worth the deal and a hack.

I must say patience is the key to all, and I am still on with my journey to be where I wanna be. Freelancing here do have its plus points, indeed networking is something I am working on at present. There is so much to explore in the city, too many stories to share within the vicinity.

I love the streets, I like the people, I drool for the architecture which stands as a proof for the history. The sea let you think again about itself and how small we are. Our very existence is worth post we have an aim to achieve.

All those who are still walking on the path, hope is all you have my dear. I do wonder about my struggle but I guess too much to worry doesn’t work for long hence I celebrate each day holding a mug of beer.

See you.. and have a great weekend!


I am Shovona, a freelance advertising photographer based out of Mumbai India. Feel free to ping me for any queries..

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