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Appreciation Matters...

Its not a usual incident with we commercial artist where a client shares its thankful experience with you officially over a mail. Well sadly Indian market is little thankless. I hope I am not loosing clients over this! Indeed a little appreciation goes a long way and it weighs more than the fees we charge. Back in 2017 I was approached by Alex, creative director of Morning star, Chicago, USA for his upcoming assignments. To be honest his mail in the middle of the night was a surprise for

me and I was in a turmoil if in case its a hoax. We spoke over the call in his time zone and I was jumping with joy. Trust me, having a client from overseas is not a joke. I duly appreciated his clarity over the job and fees which made my life easier to be very honest. The only hiccup was the time frame which lead in delay in communication with the concerned people here in India. Like every job I have my way of dealing the situation and I personally feel its indeed my duty post calling self a professional. I am here to solve the situation not only via my visual language but indeed along every other act which makes ones life easy.I remember the very experience to document the best in their industry, time frame was not friendly but I will always be thankful to Morning star to give me an opportunity which led me to discover a new aspect in myself as a professional.


Hii... I am Shovona Karmakar, a commercial portrait and product photographer, based out of India. Portraying people has always been a pleasure to connect with people, its indeed an experience to know people from different backgrounds and it helps me to be grounded. I am thankful for the things I have and I dream everyday to be what I always wanted to be.

Thank-you for reading..

See you tomorrow.!

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