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Are you doing well in your career?

If your are a freelancer since long or just started, we all have the mental clog in the head to understand if we are growing being one or not. Years pass by and as things happens so organically its not very easy to understand the question above. If you are interested enough to calculate the quality, below are few things you should ask yourself.

You are paying your own bills

Post the college gets over and officially announcing self as an self aware being who is very much responsible for its own acts and thoughts we have the pressure to run our personal shop, a job which assure sustainability, but being a freelancer the story is not always worth to flaunt around. You don't have to announce yourself a millionaire to declare as a part of the club, just enough to help self be where you want to be and what you wish to do is a good sign to justify you are doing well enough.

Have no debt to live with

Everyone has desires and dreams to look forward to, owning someone something specially money is not a good feeling to live with and sooner to get close the better you can plan for ahead until and unless you are planning some big financial investment like a house which for sure will take quite years to pay back. So in-case you do own something get over it asap and if you are not be happy about the fact you are not of many who live with it.

You have enough to sustain for next 6 months

Unless you have a fancy thing to buy or a lavish vacation to go to, if you have enough in your bank to sustain a living what you living for the next 6 months with no work you are doing very well in your career. This doesn't mean you should not look for work enough but with the unpredictability being a freelancer a financial security is must, thinking for the next 6 months is a good plan to have in mind

Your client quality is better year after year.

Your quantitative and qualitative aspect of your freelance life is majorly determined with the kind of people, brands, organizations you associate yourself with. Keep a check on your association list and understand the direction your going towards. If your are doing the same job under the same price for a period of time extending more than a year and two tag there needs a change, it can be change of filtering work, change in location or change in the way you understand and do your work. The graph going up has many factors to consider but majorly your relationship makes a lot of difference.

You are able to maintain a healthy relationships with your mates.

Freelancing with a bad bank balance do affect your mental peace and your out going ability with people who are doing well vs yourself. I am not at all encouraging you to cut off but I completely understand the pressure it grows in you. You should feel free to let your mate know your present situation and accommodate as needed. In-case you are able to share the bill and afford a nice place on a monthly basis you are indeed doing well.

People wish to connect you to know more about you.

Growing is organic and appreciation from the people you wish to have from is also organic. If your are sharing your work over social media and you receive request over Facebook and Instagram from your industry only if they have the ability for future quality association, for sure you are on the right track to look forward to.

You have things to offer to your followers.

As time passes by and we gain knowledge both in good and bad times and when you think you have enough sustainability to share with the people who look up to you is very well a mark of going up the ladder.


Myself Shovona Karmakar, a freelance photographer and a product stylist based out of Mumbai India. Keeping in mind I have shared the space in the visual entertainment and advertising industry past 10 years I do feel I have grown enough to share with you all and understand myself better along the way. Freelancing is not a job its a lifestyle one chooses consciously or subconsciously, the path keeps very similar hurdles for almost everyone but if you choose to hang on filtering things from time to time its the best thing among many which can happen to you.

Thanks for reading...

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