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Back to school

Its not always the case being a commercial photographer wherein you get an opportunity to go back to those days which was indeed priceless. Working over the year book for N.L Dalmia high school, Mumbai, India. was indeed a fun project, connecting to kids.. is more like a time travel for me on a personal note.

Haha..! I guess the very nature of kids having the honesty and innocence is not exactly gonna fade away in years to come... which still gives a hope to a better tomorrow.

The project was more than an assignment for me, those boards, the desk, the chair.. the uniform.. the kids on the run and few confused..the very smile on the face of the teachers and one who heads up all, trust me I really felt like a time travel for a sec.. hmm I guess school days are not exactly that boring as I used to think...

I being a single and all surrounded with the so called grownups do force me to ask a question how easy will it be to connect to kids now..? Treating them as kids is not exactly an answer.. hence I though to come down to the way they see the world and I do enjoyed to understand how far I have come now. As like we back then.. they are crazy.. pure.. with no hustle bustle in mind.. all the possible crazy view points they see the world with.. the endless questions.. and the urge to grow up as quick as possible.. haha.. eureka...! I guess I got my pointers to work with regarding the feel for sure the art director shared well thought mood board, which just made my work easier.

The staff was immensely helpful and surprisingly the kids made me feel at home, post shortlisting kids for the yearbook.. and I will be honest, Its the Toughest part of the job..! As the kids sensed it was meant for the yearbook and everyone wanna be a part of it.. Wish I can document all, but alas it was not possible..hmm.. we scheduled our shoot in different categories from individuals to grouping. The school had some nice locations around and I was indeed jumping with the quality of light i gained all round the shoot. A two day shoot and tons of happy pictures on hand.. its feeds my photographic soul well.

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