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Bipolar and Creativity.

I may sound a little overstating saying that all creative individual are bipolar or at least suffer with one or more psychological issues. By creative I mean almost all who are and who has a ability to think they have to mold things and bring something new out of it. Creativity is very much misunderstood with the very generic things like painters, musicians and dancers and that's the problem. Einstein was a genius but if you think a little easy he was a creative, a mastermind, so do Da-vinci and Van gogh... well the list is endless.

We have a conscious and subconscious mind and we have something which falls in between, Dreams! Yes I have no degree to state any conclusion but I have enough personal experience to let you share my views here. Artistic temperament includes major mood fluctuations, intense rage or calmness, surprising concentration ability or not. Everything we may determine as unconventional.

The IQ may differ but that’s completely subjective.Well why all major artistic personalities have or had such issues is quite beyond my capacity but its indeed exciting to understand how such things give ride to creativity.

I encourage others to join me, criticize me, support or simple prove me wrong. I personally was always inclined to drawing, my parents never stopped me sketching over the walls, yes it do costed them repainting the part and give me a clean slate, overall my parents knew I have an artistic ability since childhood. As I grew and things went a little serious in-terms of creating a profession out of a passion do make me introduced of the other self I have in myself, the other Shovona, who thinks unconventional who is very surprising and at times very bisexual. She suffers with intense mood swings and have severe anger issues. She suffers with depression and personality disorder. She is a very calm and orderly person while she is on action of creating a visual or letting her thoughts get a shape in some form else she is a serious no nonsense person who is just confused about its real personality. She is pretty clear about how she wants her things to be and what she wants yet she carries few traits where she is as conventional as others.

This very alter personality of mine has somehow helped me to push myself, hang on when I wish I should quit and think fresh or at least try things in a fresh perspective.

Van Gogh too started creating master pieces when things were really bad inside his head. Yes he suffered with multiple disorders. His paint strokes and colour sense is one of its kind till date. Da Vinci was way beyond his era and have layered many things over his canvas which was beyond anyone's capacity back then.

Many were not exactly functional but indeed many were true to its basics. The question do arise, if Talent bypass Skill and its a very complicated thing but not impossible. Talent helps one to grasp the skill faster but skill is meant for everyone again it depends on this nature of intelligence and how well its nurtured under external factors. Its a tiresome job for any set of parents to observe its child to understand its future potential, its indeed a task to come to any conclusion but its always a possibility to help his nature gets a lift up with best possible quality nurture it can receive.


Hi, myself Shovona, a freelance photographer, cinemagraph artist and a product stylist based out of Mumbai, India. I have an intense interest in human behavior and love to observe people and let them understand a little better about itself. I don’t believe in conclusions rather I love the story to continue. I am a dreamer and love to think a little ahead and a little above my reality.

Thanks for reading..

See you tomorrow.

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