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BUSY being busy.. why being busy is a myth.

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We all love the fact that we are busy, away from unnecessary distraction and enough busy to keep people away from us. I tried dating few guys and all I got in return is

"I am a busy person and my life is very complicated!"

Its heartbroken when people tend to give a STOP prior anything happens or rather giving a chance for things to happen.

If we are heartbroken and low regarding few things in life specially not accomplishing the gems what others pretend (like more than half the time) consider being BUSY as the ultimate solution. Lets be honest, are you really busy? and that brings me to the statement of Being busy is a new myth!

Yes, we all are running, grasping to get our goals, acting smart is the new Working hard! IN short.. we all are BUSY! But its high time to re-frame the thing.. we all are just not prioritizing our goals right. Everything in our life doesn't need our constant attention, letting self loose is important from time to time and making space for things which can be temporary is essential.

I have a personal problem with people who call self BUSY.. if you ask why.. let me answer it in the following below pointers.

  • They have time to meet friends out of their official life but not having time to make space for new, please think again, then why are you even initiating things with one with whom you don't wish to prolong. Something I say quite often and people are suppose to take it in an offensive manner.. Do you have time to dump everyday in the morning? if yes then you are not exactly busy.

  • Why you call yourself busy? when all you have in mind is to cut off when you know you have enough options around to replace me. Just be honest, be straight forward and have guts to face things, it makes you more human.

  • Being BUSY! let one clean their hands off when you make a commitment and don't act like a chivalrous one and forget to give a heads up with an update. Its indeed very irresponsible of one to be honest than being the silly BUSY.

  • If your bubble is all you like to be in and anything out of the box is challenging then I have one and only one answer to it : whatever suits you..

Things have disturbed me to such an extent that when one calls self BUSY I really start judging. Dude! you are not busy when your busy time is all about netflix and chill. I have almost decided to cut off from these people cause if they don't have time for me why should I. I don't wanna be an agony aunt. Yes we tend to get swayed by things, things we plan, we don't plan, we bump into, we avoid, yes things keeps us busy but making it a lifestyle statement is entirely a bullshit and that is exactly my problem...


Until last year when I was in a relationship, (which I so wanna share with you because there is indeed a story to talk about) being busy was my enemy. At present I am open to make space for any who is ready to make space for me, yet I am busy!


Hello.. myself Shovona, a freelance commercial photographer and a product stylist and at present a single 29 year old woman who is dealing with a bad heart break. I have suffered with many issues and presently recovering from depression and keeping self busy is my new life mantra but indeed its not my lifestyle statement.

Thanks for reading..!

See you tomorrow...

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