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Complimenting is a hidden talent?

Its just not about advertising industry, its a reality of any Indian firm where cursing is everyone’s job and complimenting is a hidden talent. I have worked with various national and international firms and appreciation is something which surprises me till date. Indeed I get a shock when I come across “Thank you”. A lot of this attitude needs to be build back in the school, where, least we learn the art of appreciating things in life. I remember I never scored well in my subjects though I had a potential, somehow I never enjoyed studying, but hopefully I was lucky to have supporting parents who never demeaned me indeed they pushed me to pursue visual arts later not only as a academics, even as a professional. Why I am telling you this? My dad taught me to be thankful of what I am born with than what is not my cup of tea, I am sure everyone is not as lucky as mine. Similarly its important to be thankful to everything around who makes your hour to day to life in general. An auto guy roaming around looking for passengers for hours finally gives you a lift to your destination do deserve a Thanks. A vegetable vendor sure deserve an appreciation. Sadly we take them for granted, we don’t check our karma, we are constantly salvaging with the thought why we our self are not greeted well when things are done right. On an average an office employee is frustrated, not due to lack of hike in salary but above all due to the lack of appreciation by his boss and co-mates. A freelancer is often been taken for granted and misunderstood by his glamorous life it must be having which just exist in its dreams.

Criticism doesn’t push one upwards but into a quick sand.

Now the question arises, is complimenting or appreciating ones effort is a hidden talent which few have or our ego is just keeping self placed at the top of everything else?Every small act we do on daily basis counts, makes who we are and you never know a THANK YOU! can change one’s perceptive towards you and life. Power of appreciation is quite undermined, and its quite the right time we start incorporating it in our daily lives. An act a kid must learn for a better tomorrow.


Hello! My name is Shovona Karmakar, I am a freelance commercial photographer based out of India. I travel, I am a foodie and love to mingle with locals to understand their part of life. After shifting to various cities since childhood I have realized how blessed I am with whatever I have. Professionally I have to be very critical of my acts both professionally and socially as everything I do, effects me. I am an artist and indeed I am emotional. I think a lot and it lets me to share things I guess needs to be repeated for other to give a thought about it.

Thanks for reading.

See you tomorrow!

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