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Eyes... Don’t lie.

I really dont know exactly what to share with you all today... nothing much happened lately which I can say to be honest. Over that I am not sure how many people exactly read what I write, well honesty has prevailed since ages and it will so with the same hope I am continuing my story.

This city has gave me some cute loving people to call them as friends. Happiness for me is being with them and be a part of their daily life. I met my good friend Sabeena from Mac cosmetics Shopper Stop Bandra, today and she decided to give me a look for the evening. Every time I have visited any cosmetic center for a concealer or foundation, sadly they have always given me a shade lighter. Sabeena was surprised when I asked her to give me a shade exact or darker. Well for her it was the first!How commercials have ruined our beauty standards is indeed sad to understand. Though the darkest of the shade is available I have seen ladies to go light. I have even complimented them for them to understand they are perfect the way they are, well things dont go well all the time, you see...

BAck to Sabeena, I am daam happy the way it came out to be, I am thankful to her to understand me the way I am and help me to shape the best of me... I love you Sabeena.

Hello, I am Shovona, a freelance commercial visual artist based out of India. I travel, I am a foodie and I love antiques. My lust for something good looking has taken me from being a full time photographer to a product stylist. If you are looking for one to help you with your creative visual need... feel free to ping me..

See you tomorrow...!

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