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First impression, last Impression

I am presently biting my nails over the fact my website is undergoing a revamp, I want my online presentation to be more of me than anything else. Its indeed a soul reflecting who I am in person or an artist and how my work is worth for the investors | clients.

Its always a pressure for any artist to present itself and its Excalibur in-front of others even at the very basic format. Website is the first way of knowing an artist specially for the overseas one. Its more of psychology than any design or engineering. Trust me the fact that even the lame person should be able to understand your house and its structure and that’s what makes the job difficult. Simplicity is complicated and its very calculative.

I remember when I first designed my site, its was very lame and I accept it, it was confusing and too geeky. As the years passed I understood how important is for the website or online portal to be reachable and enjoyable. The fun fact is the science or math of presentation makes and breaks the job, its doesn’t differentiate between good and bad indeed it can turn good into bad and vice versa.

Let me take you around an example, a 5 by 7 canvas with some doodling over it will look classy with a 15 by 17 frame whereas a 5 by 7 canvas with a beautiful portrait can go wrong with a tight frame. Well its a good topic for a well spent hours from each if we have to argue but beyond the subjective attribute there remains science for sure.

I am not going conventional if I have to break ice a little but I hope its worth the while your over the site.

Thanks for reading.. see you tomorrow...!


Hello! I am Shovona Karmakar, a freelance commercial photographer, cinemagraph artist and a stylist based out of Mumbai, India.

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