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Freelance Jobs from home

Freelance jobs which you can come handy and earn you some extra money.

People who tend to have a 10 to 5 job always wonder what is that something they can do to keep the mojo alive and earn some extra money. Weekends are something everyone try to unwind selves but what if I say a little of extra work can help you to turn it into a full-time profession. Sounds exciting..? I am sure!

To add to the above, even before you sit and wonder over a coffee about that something you will like to do, its very important to understand what is that you do that eases your life. A skill which you already posses and needs a little help with shout out are easier to encompass then something completely new. So you never underestimate your computer or daily home skills. There is always something which you have to give it to someone who needs it to move ahead.

Here are five things which you might posses in self and you can turn it into an income.


We all have those big and small spaces which needs a little help from time to time and often we tend to wonder what that will make the place more and fresh and we often end up doing nothing thinking about the chasing one needs to do to procure and then the insecurity about it not working out.

If you are someone who loves to style those corners and a room to a house, keeping a style and theme in mind, which you may be doing it for pure self pleasure and your mate compliments keeps you going, think again may be its a sign you can help someone else out to style its space which can be for pure personal pleasure or one thinking to rent it out against a desired fees.

Wall of an Irani shop in mumbai

Keep in mind you may or may not be needed to have a brush over the basics, Instagram and pin interest is a bible for such things, so keep self a little updated and more open to instructions.


You have a house or a multi bed space to share with people! Renting space out is something trendy these days. Yes, being a good host, someone approachable and reachable is must. Keep yourself informed in detail about its own locality is a require qualification. OCD for cleanliness will come handy.

Be thoughtful to give an experience to the people, let them create stories in your space, good enough to share and let the word of mouth happens. In-case you have something to share from your food to certain hobby feel free to do so, you never know when you tend to discover the x factor of yourself and space to get more people to come.


In today's world, people are migrating more than ever for better opportunities and don't shy away from gaining experience. If you are someone who loves to cook and do carry your ancestral mystery recipe with you, its a good time to convert your space into a pop up place for that lovely food you have to offer. Many platforms like Authentic Cook let you be one, do check their terms and conditions. In-case you wish to keep it yourself, a word of mouth or personal recommendation is must. I am sure in the initial days you may have to share food to let people know what you up-to, but its lays the pave stone for venture you have in mind.

be aware of the ingredients you have used, as it will be the main query of your guest and letting them know is a good way to create bond and an amazing conversation starter.

food photography of chicken dumplings

Be open to any reviews they have and always feel free to tweak if needed.


Are you someone who have a green thumb and love to help others to let them have something green in their life too. To initiate a confidence in others you should spend a lot of time of your weekend sharing the info you have. Have a dedicated space like website or a social platform is crucial and spend time and money to market to let people and associations know what you up to.

Be a personal shopper to someone looking for plants for its space to help a corporate design its green space is an amazing way to earn those extra bucks.

Bandra bazaar, Mumbai, India

Rest assured with yourself you are aware what you are doing, and have all the needed knowledge and details to be one. In-case the plants dont survive, which happens in cases however you expert you remain to be, your reviews will not be good.


A talent when not shared, doesn't grow. I have no clue who said so but its so true. So if you are a musician or an art guy, weekend is a great time to share your venture and get an extra bucks.

It doesn't have to be confined to music, its can be as varied as a photo walk, historical walk, painting, foreign language classes and cycling trips.

As again marketing is important to let people know what you are up to and what exactly you have to offer.

Remember things are not going to be easy, enjoying the process is important. Treat is as like business where review matters and be open to changes.

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