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Freelance life 5 things you need to understand

freelance commercial portrait photographer based out of Mumbai India

I am living a freelance life past 5 years now which has taught me various aspect of life. Working inside a cubical is fun and safe but the life you can live is not within there. I left my job which was indeed not stable itself in 2014 abruptly, mainly because my boss was too unorganized and it started reflecting in my nature and it was very demoralizing.

Whatever may be your reason to start your own, there are few things one need to know not prior leaving your stable table but what you are gonna go through as you enter the new world of mind games and financial unbalance and emotional trolls.

Here are top 5 things you are gonna go through if you plan to go freelance:

freelance commercial product photographer based out of Mumbai India

FINANCIAL INSTABILITY: Its a very subjective matter keeping in mind if you were not ready to jump into the well or you were. Many plan to have ample saving to go though the ups and down in far easier way. If your are not the lucky one, you should be ready with it. The very fact to remember is life will move on unless a second big bang happens. The best way to go through is to enjoy every good and bad, liked and not so liked opportunities coming your way but remember not to sell yourself off for cheap.

EMOTIONAL TROLLS: The over all freelancing is all about dealing with people on one to one basis. People will troll you not directly but there are many way people tend to make you feel low directly and indirectly. Creating a thick skin to filter them out is a good practice but be thin enough to give self space to improve and self analyze. People who are not connected to you may or may not affect you when passing their thoughts over your work and lets be honest work is all you have at the point of time and you worship it above your belief and faith. People who are connected to you personally will hurt you the most, you look up-to them and that's where the issue occurs. Depending too much on else's acceptance is not the way to go with a freelance life. Have your own set of believe and stick to it. Alter as needed but stick to it.

THE UNHAPPY PROJECTS: Many confess they have more unsuccessful projects than the one made them proud. The game is valid to the super successful too. The very phase will be on as long as your playing. Having a ha-trick is tough and that makes the game more interesting. More you hang on the easier it gets. Funda is to try and keep trying. Those unhappy projects will let you introduce to your real freelance you living inside and let you determine if you are really meant for it or not. Many factors do determining such instances starting with you yourself, in-case you were not 100% honest to it, too many people giving away their thoughts and you indeed have to honor all or simply the idea was not well thought. Don't bang yourself with it, not worth than working over how you can make it better the next time, injecting an attitude in yourself to stand on your guts and making else believe in you.

freelance commercial food photographer based out of Mumbai India

THE CONSTANT FEAR: If you had a work experience in the past you most probably know a lot about yourself in many aspects of working professionally, many who had no option than starting their own life with a constant fear or failure. The fear of loosing everything earned, the fear of being taken down or in short and simple fear of not working out. This fear keep one checked if you think otherwise. Have a portion of it always with you but never let it overtake you. Trust me every day and every experience counts what you do wrong is not feeling it within, not letting it give a chance to teach yourself worth something.

MENTAL INSTABILITY: Mental health matters a lot and undermining the importance is foolishness. A lot of your success rate will depend on your mental instability but sooner or later it too will effect. Your ambitions and your goals will constantly push you, ask you for numerous sleepless nights and days when you have too many things hovering inside your head. Slowing down from time to time is a way to keep it checked, I personally start my day praying and asking for strength to keep it cool and calm. Encouraging self to go out and soak some sun and take cooking as a break is my way of distressing and it works for me. You indeed have to find your way to sort your mind from time to time.. hour to hour.


Hello, myself Shovona, a #freelance #commercial #photographer and a #cinemagraph artist based out of #Mumbai, #India. Living an unstable life was never an agenda or any dream though I am proud to be living such and letting the experiences introduce my true self to me.

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