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Future is You...

When we call self an artist, the very image of being starving and always broke is something comes in a lay man's mind. We, most of you in this case are from metro cities far more reached and far more open to opportunities which were considered neoconservative/unsafe.

Past few years we have seen a steep boom of photographers, graphic designers. UI, CGI artist, animators, illustrators and more of its kind of story tellers, enough to have a very unhealthy competition of supply and demand and price cut hence it is still considered one hell of an occupation to be.

Freelancing is new trend for many to live a lifestyle with so many ill-practices and myths one lives by but on the other hand its a new and more healthy way to cope with unemployment. Recently the budget passed by the govt of India is more inclined towards freelancing and is its a good news? Only time will tell but its all about believe we need to live with.

Now coming back to the statement I have made above in the heading, what exactly is the future of Imagery business and the answer is simple Conceptually Versatile.


Photography has been a craze past 15 years and so with the boom of digital cameras and how easy and affordable they are, but as time passed we saw a trend of bending realities and motion graphics adding an edge to it. Its indeed a clear indication that things are moving faster than before and if you wish to be in the competition you need to step up your game. Sadly the market craving for such is still very niche specially in India and as per my experience with national and international clients things are better outdoors. People still considering self an old school master should not loose hope but one who desires to join the upcoming market should initiate thinking little out of the box.

Investment in an upgraded system may sound pricey to you at the present point of time but you will surely thank yourself in coming times.

Present market is looking for people who have concepts more connected to people as it has more power to move them. We are far more reached via social media and other mediums and hence people are either sensitive or not so sensitive at all. The overall agenda is to find ways to grab the attention span a little more than given by them and let them know the message we have in mind. Your concept needs to be a little more than either still or moving, it needs to be engaging unbiased of the fact it can be as stupid and as funny as possible.


Following with the above, we have seen a change in advertisement where either the technology is giving an edge and above all the story is making the overall difference. Television commercials are more home made and hand stitched taking us back to the days when things were more practically worth living peacefully.

Raw is the new form of visual treatment where we can see ourselves and effect is far more outgoing. There is no denial of the over the top commercials and pictures which are purely meant for entertainment purposes.


Freelancing and any profession per say takes a toll on our mental health in a long run if and when ignored. Recently I met a professor teaching in a design college and loved the passion he has for a better design future for his students. This puts me to the thinking if teaching is a profession where one can help shape one with a better mindset. The more late back and minute the job was been considered back in 90s and 80s the more important aspect they tend to play at the present point of time. Basics aka foundation needs a solid brush stroke.

Sharing the knowledge what you have gained is a new way to counsel people known and unknown and is very much a trend we are gonna see in future. Quality education is either gonna be free or more reachable is something time will say but with the kind of chaotic market it is many bloggers are flexible to give away in a more pocket friendly subscription.

If I need to be frank the quality of design school in India still has a long way to go but keeping hope is never a bad thing.

The line between Photo, film and CGI

Visual creative business has far gone than we can expect and reaching the skill is only beholden by few largely due to the raw material needed, funds and above all the interest and patience one require to be there.

If you think you have the moral and financial support to hang on and surpass more of the mental hurdles to acquire the skill of mastermind, its the best investment you can ever have. If you start today for sure in coming years market is gonna lean more towards its demands.

Artificial Intelligence is controversial

We tend to not so like the artificial intelligence which may or may not have the potential to replace us in the coming future, the competition is very unclear but they indeed have proved from time to time the authority they may have on us. Living in fear is not an option has its more towards economical growth at present but scientist are due trying to imbibe the capabilities for them to take few independent creative calls.

Lets face it, phones and computers are far more advanced than before yet we are calling the calls and trust me it will take a lot for a client to hire them than us so relax.

Coming back to the basics of any freelancing or job, certain things don't change as evolution takes years to come to practical. Supporting yourself with the expensive deal you will have to face will make the life hard to live and will take toll on your mind, as there is nothing easy, even baking a cake has its calculations to follow.

Clients will tend to be ignorant of your struggle and they will continue to push you down from time to time, as long as you hang on you will prove your worth to them.

Visual imagery is not a business of money it is pure passion and pure sheer to master your skill to give back something worth getting inspired and move the mind within. Money will follow, quality clients will come to you and you will carter things to a brighter side eventually.


Hello, myself Shovona, a freelance commercial photographer, product stylist and a cinemagraph artist presently based out of India. Freelancing is an accident I am living a happy life with and looking forward to more opportunities to explore the unexplored side of mine.

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