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Ganpati bappa morya!

Indeed the Ganpati celebration is on and I hopped myself at my very dear friend Nikita’s place for puja. I am not a religious person, I have my own way of practicing my faith, humanitarian is more what defines me, I prefer logic over long dated story. I have my own reasons to act the way I do. So as the story is not much rigged into me of how to go along a traditional puja, documenting it was a good option for myself.

I don’t know the nitty-gritty of all the acts they did but it was fun, being with a family is not something I experience on daily basis, living all myself past many years do makes me homesick but yes as time passes it creates a new set of lifestyle.

I though do wish to share few tips if your are not much aware of ones cultural beliefs yet wanna be a part of it specially if your are in India.

  • Above all you try to do to impress, get a set of traditional clothes. A set of light colored kurti, payjama, churdidar or a simple jeans and t-shirt and shirt do wonders. Just keep self in light colored as black is not accepted auspicious in many occasions. In-short keep self well covered but with some style.

  • Knowing Namaste! do wonders, folding hands is the best way to greet anyone in the family, incase if your familiar a casual hug do works.

  • Carry fruits or some veg sweets, if you feel you need to carry something on the very first visit.

  • Don’t forget to open your shoes outside. Most of Indian do follow no shoe rule within the puja premises and please respect that.

  • I am sure feeling awkward is obvious, try to listen more than talking, try to ask questions about the ocassion, help them in anyway they ask for or extend your hand if you feel they need it, most of the time they may not let you know they need help.

  • Elders in the family loves to have a company, be respectful and ask about them, one rule I do follow in general is to ask about the person more than sharing things about self.

  • Be a kid friendly person, if your not try to be, how you interact with kids do leave a lasting impression about yourself in their mind.

  • Last but not the least, know how to fold your legs and sit on floor and eat with hands. Your flexibility will be tested.

I hope if mentioned all the important once, incase I missed please feel free to mention it in the comments below. Wishing you all a very happy coming celebration day, enjoy, be with your family and friends and eat good and burn well.


Namaste! I am Shovona, a freelance commercial photographer based out of India. I travel, I love to eat, above all love my Begali Puchka. hahaha! Documenting people in their day to day life is fun along creating commercial composites for brands and corporates and yes I am always open to collaborate with people who can help me grow.

See you tomorrow...!

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