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Go basic...

Karan Johar at times makes so much sense, I really fall in love with him. I wished I called him when I was in turmoil with my long distance nonsense. Well his radio show is really worth following, he is indeed sensible and sounds so spontaneous and yet practical.

Relationship of any kind is a subject which is ever evolving and the encyclopedia is just gonna get add on. I have friends whom I can count on my fingers, I have a list of not so successful flings and list of people who passes by from time to time. Life is complicated and love, understanding and cold wars keeps looping and frankly when we complete all with one it's well tested on both the ends and we can then well take a call.

I don't wish to set myself any kind of guru, in-fact I am open to learning and open to criticism, I am indeed open to trolls. Hahahaha.. it's so satisfying when we learn the art of being unaffected of them.

Often something which startled me is long term relationship, specially when one celebrating 35th anniversary... They literally have the secrets worth to learn from.

So here I wish to know from you all the secrets to relationship you have learnt in your lifetime..

Thanks so much in advance.


A freelance advertising photographer, cinemagraph and a product styling presently based in Mumbai. I love collecting antiques and have an eye for quirky

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