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How to be happy being a freelancer

happy freelancer

Its 2019 and more and more people are trying their luck to do things right they wished back in their teenage. All oppose to what parents planned for us many are going out to dare their luck and people around, proving their worth is the new karma. Freelancing was a myth before and very much a reality now.

Sadly successful freelancing doesn't come without a price, initial days are not fancy and sacrifice eats you up waiting for that big bang which is very much gonna change your life. Either the changes are overnight and majorly its gradual. I personally feel things taking its own time may sound frustrating but it gives enough time to rectify yourself.

But its never too late to learn to be a Happy Freelancer! But what it takes to be a happy freelancer, money, fame, a perfect partner. Answer is simple... It is YOU!


Things are going to be slow and very slow initially and unless you are not a monopoly master like me it will take a little more. In-case you are doing everything possible and still the pace looks too snail speed its time to understand that it is meant for something bigger and sooner we make peace and minimize the stress we tend to live with, the better we are gonna be. Freelancing mugs mental peace than anything else, the uncertainty is worth bothering, what you should really get bothered if you are not pushing yourself in your personal space.

I don't exactly advice people with responsibilities and financial pressure to go solo straight away.

Money follows if your are consistent and with my personal experience the sooner we tend to manage our money with due work and learn to be a smart investor and purchaser the better you tend to feel about yourself.


Who does not like to grab a hand over a new gadget with some freaky cool features, something which keeps you at edge and help you to be ahead, alike your gadget your mind needs upgrade from time to time. We are flooded with information 24*7, all is not needed to get compute by us, it is important to learn to filter what we need to know and what exactly interest us, trust me you do not need to learn the magma of stars and universe if all your work concerns with the human on the very planet, a occasional glimpse to understand and change perspective is a good idea. Subscribe to channels, meditate, run a mile a day, Connect to new people once a week or just brush yourself up with a book is a good way to keep giving self a shake and help your brain to get more flexible to absorb from time to time.


We meet people who excite us, who invite us, who degrade, who simple take away things. We need to meet as many as possible to understand whom to keep and whom not to.

It so happened I used to go out with a friend of mine often over the weekends unless she started seeing someone and her perspective changed a little which was not exactly my taste, I chose to create a distance cause I really didn't want to tell her what I feel and I wanted to keep my sanity intact, she was not wrong of what she was just not the one I will like to hang out with.

I have a BFF who gives me enough space to be what I wanna be, we met very accidentally and our physical company doesn't need to involve a lot of vocal interaction, and I really liked it that way.

You need to find people who acts therapeutic, who makes you feel great about yourself and help you to understand its OK to be broke at times and in person interaction doesn't have to be fancy, they should not make you feel low when your bank balance or career path is not going right.


The very feeling of letting out is almost constant among freelancers, its not a bad habit to spit out, its a healthy conversation and often let you understand things better than before if shared with a right person. Everyone will not understand you and social media is not at all your friend. Everyone is tend to some form of ranting and many from the upcoming generation chooses social platforms to let people know what it looks and feels like, digging your own hole is a not a smart move if you ask me. I have personally lost people when I unconsciously did so.

Inspire people, let people know and feel connected to the good side of you and your life and if you ask me what to do when things goes floating above you, just write it down and try to distract yourself until your inner self helps you to introspect the situation better and smarter.

Meditation is not has to be a serious activity which you have to plan with deep concentration and breathing activity, letting self alone out in the air is good enough to let self go loose.

DOCUMENT as much as possible:

Record, capture, write, sketch as much as possible, because when you will see down the line you will look back you will find the amaze in you. The beauty of being a socially intelligent animal over the planet is we are extreme story tellers and unless you don't observe and let self affect you will not bring anything new on the table.

Record is to keep and share when time is right or when you have found a right frame to present it.

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THanks fOR rEaDing...!

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