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How to deal with rejection

What exactly those Rejection means in freelance life.

Where the world is so well connected and the possibilities is endless, it is quite daunting to understand how to step forward and how to approach people when you have no God-Father to show a path at least.

Back in 2014 as I abruptly left my job for the obvious reasons of unsatisfactory employment experience, one of the major hurdles I had to face was to reach out to people. My very first initiative to call myself a budding Freelancer was quite not so easy. I had no clue what to write in a mail or least whom to send it to.

With the limited knowledge of whatever I gauged in the very phase of being employed I got to know few adjectives for the people who like to engage in a conversation with us creative content creators for possibilities which runs the soul and sin. Creative director, Associative Creative director, producer, Servicing, art director, Marketing manager were few.

Self portrait of a woman with curly hair wearing a white shirt and a jumpsuite
Self portrait of a woman with curly hair wearing a white shirt and a jumpsuite

I understood post few days of hurdling myself in various social medias that people like to hangout much over the very Facebook and LinkedIn. Prior I started to dropping a mail I made few target list of audience, I looked back at my portfolio and wondered what exactly is something I have which relates to the needs of brands. Post pondering I planned to reach out garment and house decor brands, corporate managers and food restaurants, all because I just had images related to people, clothing and food. Frankly I was not exactly confident but lack of any opportunity and the very absence of loosing nothing gave me the courage to connect to ignite the very Initiation of all the drama in my freelance life.

Yes my story do started with number of rejections which took a lot of my time to understand its existence, pretty old school validity but much practical if thought hard.

Writing hundreds of mails everyday to as many targeted people as possible became a part of my daily routine, I was consistence and insisting. Sadly the response was nothing more than 2 a day. Try to understand only 2% success rate. Yes its upsetting, its not helping me anywhere morally neither its solving my problems in any manner. I prolonged this exercise for 3 years as with no God-Father to show me the path I had to start everything from scratch.

I still share my portfolio with potential people with a higher rate of response.

Wondering why only 2% of people responded to my mails, I felt the need to scan my portfolio which do helped me to answer many things.

Look back into your work profile to understand various basic queries you think you have in mind... Everything is there!

As years passed by and surpassed all the possible hurdles few successfully and many unsuccessful, I understood where and why exactly my approach didn't work.

Targeting wrong people

Yes, I do said I made a targeted list of people, mentioned above, sadly many didn't exactly deal or need content creators. The designation mentioned in the profile may sound very convincing enough to approach, sadly many don't update their profile with the job and location details and hence they don't exactly look for people at the post they are presently working with anymore. It's indeed misleading hence you are reaching out to the wrong target audience leading to no response to your message/mail.


I clearly remember crossing path with one of the senior creative director from a prestigious agency over Facebook whom I tried to connect over LinkedIn and never heard back from him. When I stated my effort to reach out to him, I got to know he was not very active over the respective platform. He never exactly checked his inbox over LinkedIn. It was pretty obvious now why I never heard from him there.

Its a truth one needs to understand, many of the people whom we connect over may or may not be completely active to have a chance to see your message.

vendor vs SPAM vs Vendor

So as of now I understood these two platforms are not exactly working for me and I need to try a little of direct approach. As I got to have the respective email ids, I framed a pocket size PPT with my work over it and a well formatted write up to share it over the mail.

Keeping the direct approach in mind, I was for sure thought it went into the inbox unless it went to spam which obviously make the response rate to nil in most cases still there is a higher probability to give a glance.

The probability that the client do have someone in mind to work with on regular basis if higher, his eagerness to collaborate is not exactly high hence no response.

The chances that you don't exactly fit into the style of work they might be looking for also leads to no response.


It now brings us to last coma which result for no response and its as simple as a former gauge of the client that you are not within its budget.

Above all whatever may be, there is always one for one to serve and get served, as long as you solve an existing problem with higher rate of return. The rejections mentioned above do made me feel low, made me feel quitting at times, still what made me move on is those tiny bits of faith few people laid on me and help me to initiate and make me reach where I am right now. Rejections shouldn't be taken personally as in most of the cases its not your fault, in-fact you are no where connected. We are a communal animal, one human has to and only has to deal with another of the same club, taste is subjective and you are not meant to serve all.


Hey Hi, myself Shovona, a freelance commercial food, product and people photographer based out of Mumbai India.

Feel free to connect for any queries.

Thanks for reading..

See your tomorrow.

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