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How to know yourself better.

The controversial aspect of having both, well I guess the principal still applies to this situation too.

Every one loves to define self as a cat and dog person. The personality trait do matches if you think about it, loyalty connected to dogs and being selfish to a cat. Do the owner really pursue such traits?

Many will find my article for the day little stupid and controversial and I am happy if it raises questions in your mind and you are quite up with an itch to attack me. I am all ready!

I have fostered many dogs and other weird animals like a crab and a turtle but never exactly got a chance to be with a cat for long, that doesn't mean I don't know how it feels to be a cat person. More than the pet, the owner, the care taker is what interest me, an exchange of character is must you see, something one receives from its furry mates and vice versa. We say our prodigy caries our traits but its not the same when it comes to our furry companions, they do gain a lot of our traits though they are not genetically connected.

Lets break it into layers, we humans, the care taker, the Master! have complex personalities, we have the power to take decisions and we are the master of manipulation. They do share the same capacity to take command and give but they are less complex in terms of what and who they are, either they love you or not, there is nothing which they try to hide having a mask over the face. That let them to have the capability to bend according to the observation. In short, a lazy dog is more of a reflection of its lazy master, an active cat is again a reflection of her hyperactive mistress.

If one states them as a 2 year old child for the rest of their life, there is no say which defends it, yes they are the purest of all. Soul is all looking up to you to learn something new every single day.

Now for the people who have a pet, be a dog or a cat, just sit down and think about who your are, its easy! Just observe your pet for the entire day. Surprisingly you will see yourself, realize your odds and evens. Difficult to understand? there is nothing complicated they are simply the mirror image of yours.

Now the people who are thinking to have one, and specially who never had any, give a chance to yourself and them to be a part of your life and take it as it comes. Sooner of later you will be a part of the community and see yourself into them.

The controversial aspect of having both, well I guess the principal still applies to this situation too.

Loyalty and selfishness is a big factor that defines you as you. Everything, be it your dreams, passion, relationship, professionalism will be determined a lot on these two factors and will make you, will define you.

Asking self again and again who your are in real, and how to use it for your advantage is a super power we all are seeking for, if you have these fur babies look no far and grab a box of popcorn and entertain self with their actions all around the day.

Hope you enjoy!


I run a Instagram page name HAPPYENDINGTAILS a sum of various portraits of dogs, cats, birds and goats anything I come across in my day to day life and I guess by now I have started observing the individual traits what defines them, they are not any more mere STREETS for me, they are just like any other stranger I pass by and catches my eye. Do visit to see more of my work there..

thanks for reading..

See your tomorrow!

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