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I am blessed~

I feel blessed! It's beyond saying we all are blessed in our own ways. I am not an atheist but I do find peace in their every form... We all share a part of devil n Angel within us. It's whom we give power to defines who we are. My friends have been very supportive to me in almost every aspect of my life.. well Almost! HAhaha.. who says we dont have different opinions.. we do!

I have been calculating my blessing past many weeks and I must say I am quite lucky to have experienced varied aspect of life making me wise. Surprisingly yes. I have always practiced to understand people by being in their shoe. we live in a very complex world, full of desire, lust, whims and fancies.. list is endless and then we turn to minimalism and that’s our new life style statement. I confess, I am somewhere in middle, at times I love to be within chaos and at times simplicity defines me best.The factor or being content is a talent I really dont know how people do that, I am in my late 20s and I have so much to chase, so much to gain and so much I wish to share. In short I am a very complicated caterpillar. I guess many will be happy to join my club. Happiness is found or generated I have no clue about it but for sure I generate it in my life in both the ways. I have friends, I have captains.. I have few teddy bears which I am saying with complete pride to make you a little jealous, that’s what social media is. Life is all OKi! Reality check, nothing is exactly going according to my plan but its all good. Its feeding me thrice a day and have one to listen to my inner voice. Once in a while call to distant soul. I guess Now I am talking little out of the track... so if you think your are not, check again...!


Hey, my name is Shovona, a freelance product, portrait and food photographer and a cinemagraph artist based out of Mumbai, India. I share my views over my blog almost everyday inspired from my personal life apart from technical details for who wants to sharp their skills over visual media creation. I am here to let people know to let loose and stop blaming self, its at times a mere game of destiny beyond our understanding most of the time for out best.

See you tomorrow!

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