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Guilt Free... banana ice-cream

Food photography and styling of smoothie |Mumbai, India.

Every one loves to have a scoop of that delicious chilled creamy ice cream, but many find it full of guilt. I came across this recipe when one of my client called me at her place for lunch and the desert just stole my heart.

Its indeed healthy, low in sugar and guilt free. Its lazy and again blender is something you need to thank for. It can be stored for days to cherish it in installments.


well ripened bananas 3 to 4

peanut butter

sugar, honey, jaggery (any one of it to taste)

fresh fruits (strawberry, kiwi, apple, grapes) cut in to tiny chunks

cinnamon powder


Food photography and styling of smoothie |Mumbai, India.


Hug your blender (just joking!) put all your bananas into it along some peanut butter and sweetener and blend it well. Take a ice cream tray and pour the mixture into it and leave it into the freezer for quite sometime. Wallah! your ice cream is ready.

Serve it chilled with some mixed fruits, cinnamon powder and salt in a bowl of a glass for you to scoop it to fun.

I hope you like it, I loved it!

Thank you so much for reading..

see you tomorrow!

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