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Know how to knock out!

My childhood is not something I will love to remember, constant bullying was something which gradually ruined my interest in my own self. You see, people who are born a little non conservative are easy to target on. As time passed bullying turned into eve teasing which I started to understand as a global issue. Now being a girl, a woman is a problem. In this male dominated society rather in this patriarchal society we are taught to look down and pass. Sadly I didn’t listen to them. I quite remember the incident when I was called out as a Negro! by my classmate, things turned upside down, when I reached his class to knock him down, though sadly I knocked down someone else, but he got a taste of when things crosses its limits. Defense was my only way to protect myself, trust me constant bullying makes you test your own limits.

When I joined my fine art college, things took a step up, I don’t wish to get into details but yes I had to stand for myself and start bashing people physically. When I shifted to Mumbai, I knew my instant act of knocking people down physically is not gonna be healthy in a long run hence I joined a Muay Thai class out of sheer instinct. Trust me half of life is well shaped when one follows its instinct. My teacher Biki Bora taught me things which I will always be grateful of, mind is all I need to knock people down , technique needs to get mastered and power comes along. I have seen an immense change in myself since then, yes I am more fearless but I still hold the ground to feel my existence and my dimension as compared to the world.

I am not a feminist, rather I am happy to stand for anyone who is scared, devoid of which gender and community it belongs to. Beauty is in the gut, it’s in the fearless one. One who take chances and one who go beyond it’s limits. Self defense is just not a physical act, its mere mental too. Your knowledge, your observation, your sense of surrounding, all when collaborates together you define self as the best warrior. I was emotionally let down by my mentor during my internship, unless I decided to leave him one night. The abrupt quitting from his mindless plans to score big in the advertising world was a slap on his face which I gave without touching him. The act should be to lift people up, let them learn to get hit, but give the opponent back when its a sure knock out situation. Yes the present scenario do serve the need towards the Women more than else but trust me every individual is not the same . We all are in a constant state of bullying both psychologically and emotionally. Self defense is a basic need not an option, survival skill is not just limited to meet the day’s end meet.


Hi, I am Shovona, a freelance visual artist, a muay thai student and a foodie. I love people who are fearless have a sense of individuality and find people in things often ignored by many, yes I am a weirdo. My sense of happiness is a long walk with a muffin in hand than a fine dine. Muay thai is my way of living and I wish to generate a sense of some similar in everyone who looks down about itself.Thanks for reading.See you tomorrow!

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