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Know when to say, NO!

People specially into advertising world and specially who are freelancing get freaked out when the situation is too bad and you wish to say NO.. but you are hesitant. Know when to say, NO! is a good practice to keep self apart from the mental hazard you may fall in if you say YES!

In my professional career of 5 years I have learnt this act of denying an assignment in a hard way, but later I thanked myself.

Market is bad and work is increasing in an intensity we never thought off, numerous web channels and digital firms are coming up every single day, it should not worry you, I guess! But the reality is, it is all leading to rise of cheap labor, means coming across the line “We don’t have budget” more often.

There are two kind of many clients we face in everyday, one who has money but doesn’t understand the value of quality and second who doesn’t know how to work around.

  • The former is not exactly interested into quality marketing, if the final product justifies the agenda even if its cheesy and very amateur he is totally cool with it and sadly either you take the offered money and shut-up about your work or say NO!

  • The later is looking for quality, indeed he has an understanding of what good work is but intentionally acting unaware of the real cost it bears, now you can either take a chance to work or ignore. If the product is good you can proudly add it to your porfolio.

With no offense many producers do act very unprofessionally and I have come across many, I have said NO! more often than YES! As I have suffered enough falling in the trap.

Shedding out money from your own pocket for else benefit is foolishness, so do falling in trap for the line “we will give you regular work” trust me if the line comes just in verbal form you have a choice to take following action:

  • If the client denies to come to terms over paper in a formal format you have every right to work on actual on the first term and you can come to a decision if it comes back.

  • In case you have enough side options to earn you can simply say no, Easy!

I understand we all are scared of loosing on opportunities but its a reality, good work finds its way. All the successful people have faced more rejections than acceptance, that way we also filter, get along who help us rise and be the better version of us.

Next time if your gut feeling doesn’t exactly give you peace regarding the offer, say NO! It saves you from many things you don’t wish to go through specially one which will disturb your mental peace.


Hey, myself Shovona a freelancer commercial visual artist and a full time blogger presently based out of Mumbai, India. I started my company Shovona Karmakar which was formerly SHOVONAkar Visuals in 2014 and I have worked with various national and international clients and agencies. I may not have gained a flag in the advertising industry indeed I am aware how things works.

Thanks for reading...See you tomorrow!

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