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late night chill over a weekday

Unlike other corporate followers we freelancer dont exactly look forward to weekends in general... everyday is something new and we have something more to dream of. I personally am not a fan of weekends, if you cant guess... its primarily due to on hold payments which cant be cleared on weekends, fair enough. We plan most of our things during the weekdays specially myself because of less crowd in the most expected places. Specially fashion stores, easy peazy clear trial rooms. The life of a struggling freelancer is simple, to let people constantly know we exist and what we have to offer. Quite straight forward I am here, but apart from my very above aim I somehow enjoy sharing my daily views with you all. Its been a month now I am quite constant over various social platforms and the kind of love and mock is been helping me to be a bit better of myself.

Creating content every single day is easy if we let self go loose, primarily we all share something similar within us in the entire day, one thing which can be a bit different is we have to come across new people on daily basis in terms of work and else. Networking filtration is important, self introspection is necessary, everyday when I wake up I guess the first thing I do is to face myself in the mirror. My introvert nature gets challenged on everyday basis and I find something new about people which let me banish my generalization I have made in past.Weekdays have been more fun to me than those last two days, sadly I dont drink or smoke and my social interaction gets limited. I am still looking forward for the day and the very formulae which can banish all the walls I need to cross in regular basis. Wish.. I wish its comes true.!

Hi, my name is Shovona Karmakar, a freelance commercial (product, food, portrait) photographer based out of India. I travel, I am a foodie and I cherish the simple elements of life.

See you tomorrow...!

#commercialphotographer #advertisingphotography #mumbaiphotographer #selfportrait #portraiture #fashion

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