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Lets Grove tonight!

Link I love to dance! If you’re not aware of it let me share it with some BesHaRmi.. I am a groovy dancer. Self hooting babe.

The history of my dancing skills literally initiates when I was in my mom’s womb, my mother was 6 months pregnant with me in her sweet belly, she performed a classical freestyle dance and years later I performed a freestyle western step up... haha. I am sure you will love to see more of it but sadly due to not so much of advancement of cameras those times and I am talking about 2006, I dont have any visual record, Now I dead wish I had some proof of it.So it so happened on the new year eve of 2006, I entered our colonial executive club, back then the event organizers used to invite few dance performers, whom I call chamiya! I somehow found is not so suitable for kids as the dress code was not exactly family friendly, indeed I took the case in my hand, Handed over a cassette of Ashiq banaya Apne remix to the DJ to play it and somehow and from somewhere I got the Hamesh Rasmiya in my body and I performed for 5 min nonstop with no prior preparation. The cherry on the top is I was a typical boy in my dress code those times and non identified my gender. It was indeed an energetic boy performing over the stage.

I still remember how my mom and dad were glad to see me and many were hooting for one more!It was indeed surprising of my parents and myself to see me performing as I am no trained performer to be honest. Then I learnt the Mahabharata case in my life.I am a pathetic singer but somehow dancing always let my spirits high. I felt more powerful and felt a meaning in my life. I never wished to be a professional dancer, though back then I didn’t knew what exactly I wished to be, which is still my case in present with some fog disappearing day by day. I am glad I found a love apart from creating images in my life, which let me be Me! at times. which added a star in my personality. I am super happy to have such amazing memories in my life worth to cherish for the rest.

Hello,I am Shovona, a freelance advertising photographer, based out of Mumbai, India. I specialize in portraits, product and food photography along with cinemagraph and I have a cross functional team where we execute Tvc along with Prints, a one stop shop for all your visual need.

See you tomorrow...!

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