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Little Book I : back to school

Learning new skills doesn’t have to stop once you have left school or university. In an ideal situation your work environment will help you grow but sometimes more structured learning can be beneficial too.

WHY DO IT?Adding an extra string to your bow makes you more employable and can seriously improve your salary. Experimenting with new ideas can give you fresh perspectives that actually enhance your main craft.

BEING SELF- SUFFICIENT: Picking new skills helps you to self dependent and save some extra bucks than giving the same job to else.

HEALTH BENEFITS: Learning new stuff keeps your brain sharp and ready to pickup things readily in future. A sense of achievement is almost a cherry on top.

CAREER CLARITY: Learning new skill can give you a clearer sense of professional purpose by exposing you to areas you hadn’t considered before. You never know when your newly acquired knowledge will open new doors.

HOW TO DO IT ?Finding time and money to dedicate further learning are the two major challenges one often faces or ponder about. Distant learning is a good option for people who have busy schedule, they are often pocket friendly and have easy access all the day long on various application from computer to tablet to mobile.

WHERE TO DO IT?Everyone’s optimal learning style is different as some prefer to dive straight in on their own and figure it out via trial and error while others like something structured. Let me help you with few options.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY: A global education network for entrepreneurs and offers educational courses in tech, business, design and marketing with strong focus on job placement. They have campus in various cities worldwide with various options from full to part time, online vs onsite. You will have something for yourself there for sure. They have online workshop and short classes which can be little pricey.

SKILLSHARE: An online platform that offers classes taught by fellow creatives. All the courses can be enjoyed at your own space at your pace. With classes ranging from design to SEO skills, you have various options ranging from free classes to pay as you go basis to monthly subscription with unlimited access. Classes are kept pretty short and easy to understand.

DUOLINGO: A fun language learning application straight can be downloaded on your phone. Its bit sized lessons are a great way to pick up a new lingo on the go.

LYNDA: Much like skillshare its has more varied extensive courses on various subjects. Available on monthly or annual subscription which you can access at your pace and space taught by experts within their fields. Its a good platform for students and professionals in the field of design and photography.

MASTERCLASS: An online platform which is for sure on the higher side in terms of price but classes are been taught by the legends in the respective field. Its a good place for student and professionals ranging from cinematography, design to an aspiring chef.


Halo! I am shovona, a freelance commercial visual artist based out of India at present and I love to travel as work and destiny takes me along and have had the pleasure working with various amazing brands and people. I am a self taught artist and I completely value the endless exercise of brain with new skills and knowledge. An extra hand always comes handy and it do let me see things in a fresh way.

Thanks for reading.

See you tomorrow!

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