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Love affair.

It’s always a case of two living from two different world falling in an unconditional love. Love drives me, lack of love makes me sink. Love makes me stronger and lack makes me clueless. He is hardly a year old puppy and I have been cuddling him since he was a little pup. Its my whistle whom he responds to with immense joy and trust me it makes my day whatever it remains to be.

He understands when I am happy when I am low, surprisingly he knows how to boost my moral up, he wagging tail and his weird game play is all I need in this entire world to realize I have one who loves me and I have a lot to do in life. LOve, is all we have in common.

I have had an amazing luck where I never adopted a dog instead they adopted me. They came into my life when I was truly lonely or lost, the responsibility teaches a lot, its a lifestyle of pure fun and an amazing belonging. I remember my dog cheeku coming into my life in my 3rd year of college, every morning the buddy woke me up where we had our amazing run and for sure he was checking out his league of chicks... I miss him for sure. I miss his smile his amazing tricks to open the door and his possessive attitude towards me, better than having a looser BF.

But wondering if life is worth to live just with them. I dont know.. what you think?

Shovona Karmakar is my name, I am a freelance advertising photographer based out of Mumbai India. I love to shoot portraits, food and product a combination of all sounds awesome too. Ping me.. give me a shout to collaborate.See you tomorrow...!#adoptdontshop
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