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LOve Sex n Dhoka

QUite a fav thing to talk about.. haha.. I like the complexity of a being to add Dhoka to the Love followed by Sex factor of any relationship and I guess its a new trend of the new era we live in. Faith is been gambled in every step we take towards any form of love.

The question I ponder post my breakup and I find it amusing, do we really need someone in life specially for long term? When we end-up sharing our rant with the best buddy we call over drinks and compromise is whats the new definition of the status remains to be. Well in the self sustained society we live in we find a partner for social acceptance especially in India. My friend from Spain told me the act of being together in their country and to make a family without being legally bonded. QUite a tempting factor to migrate there. Too many options available over the very finger tips is a new Red Flag for a being to be clear. Teenagers are more prone to fake identities who assure to give the soft shoulder when needed. Lonely fellas have more to get distracted from than sorting the issue. Its sad to be honest.. its quite degrading where we are moving towards. Well many will love to argue for what they have and with whom they are with and no offense and happily you are the lucky ones and trust you are indeed lucky! Displacement is the new style we are living with indeed its the stack one forces other to try, deep within we start to get broken into bits and pieces and by the end its all dust blown off. I dont know if you feel the same but I am pretty sure my intuition is nothing exceptional. All I wall say and share there is no harm to try the stack but make sure the lust is over from both the expect prior you decide to move on.

All we need to get over one is to grab another.. and the chain continues...!

Hey, my name is Shovona, a freelance commercial | advertising photographer and a cinemagraph artist based out of Mumbai, India. I share my views over my blog almost everyday inspired from my personal life apart from technical details for who wants to sharp their skills over visual media creation. I am here to let people know to let loose and stop blaming self, its at times a mere game of destiny beyond our understanding most of the time for out best.

See you tomorrow!

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