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Mad..O.. Wat!

I remember my dad and mom fighting to detangle my hair back in my childhood days, hahaha.. its a show worth to watch. Then when I started visiting Mumbai my friend introduced me to mad o wot.. a venture from the amazing Sapna bhavnani. I sway they understood my hair like no other. I always suffered with a deep insecurity specially due to my hair, well its quite not so common and I was kinda tired of people experimenting around in the name of style. I being one from the few conservative towns during my childhood days I always met the not so mad yet self declared mad hair stylist. I guess it was a phase. So yaah back to my introduction to mad o wat, I entered and I loved the vibe, I was so happy to see the people who not only loved my hair but even understood the nature.. to put it in your notice its not a paid promotion I genuinely own them a part of my confidence they helped me to gain in the coming time.

Confidence, self esteem, self awareness.. wow so many words to describe the only element which makes one feel content and happy. Its indeed worth to debate what exactly is the average beauty standard which defines Indians. I bet its complicated and one who will define is an idiot. Its versatile and thats the beauty sadly many are not open to things not so common and led the other to feel low of itself. I meet many guys and everyone do get attracted to my hair but none dares to project me as an India. The lack of detailed geographical study or there is something missing in our school system for sure which needs to be reconstructed. This teachers day I wish to wish each one who helped me to gain my confidence and I own them till the rest of my life.

Feel good.. do good...!

Hello...! I am Shovona, a freelance advertising photographer based out of India. I share an image over instagram every single day and write over my blog. I wish to share the self confidence among all, I believe if you feel good you do good and the chain goes on. All my articles are inspired from my personal life and I dont wish to hurt anyones sentiments, incase I do.. I am open for an argument and please feel free to let me know at the comment below.

See you Tomorrow!

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