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mirzapur to Mumbai

freelance commercial product food and people photographer mumbai India

We all hear the stories of how the underdogs, celebs coming from small state and making it big in this massive surreal city.

This city is not for everyone but its indeed is for everyone who wish to embrace its chaos.

I shifted here in 2013 and never regretted the choice I made, yes I had my downs but I never felt to leave the city, never felt to go to back to my folks. You love and the one loves you back when you accept it with all its cons and pros, its like any relationship. There are situation when I feel the lack of opportunities but I am lucky to be safe and alive to dream. I am one of the few lucky being who not only made a journey to Mumbai but it turned out I made a living out of my passion.

Yes I had a job when I came here but the job was short lived, my boss was not exactly fancied me in his office and soon I had to quite abruptly due to his habit of being lost in his surreal world, back in 2014 the days were very disturbing, I ended up with a job which didn't pay me past 3 months. To save the space I got I let it on air-bnb and let myself found peace in stations.

Honestly I come from a very small city Mirzapur, yes being a Bengali I am supposed to be from Kolkata but I have spent majority of my life in Mirzapur than else till date, my schooling was like any other normal child but due childhood where getting bullied took a major chunk of my life which forced me to be inside my home took off all the confidence I wish I had. The journey from Mirzapur to Mumbai is important because it was just a dream for me, I just fancied being in a big city, never ever thought it will come true. You see making a living is not as important as being a part of the chaos, being a part of the problems this city has, being a part of everything which makes the city Mumbai.

portrait of a man wearing turban in mumbai india

There is a secret to this journey which many are not blessed with, a good financial support and a set of super supportive folks. This city is expensive and the expenditure starts from the rent to the food to the travel. Every aspect of living is linked with some cash flow. As I have mentioned I didn't exactly took birth with a silver spoon in my mouth but I am lucky. My luck is my folks. My luck is who gave me birth to the brother who shared the childhood with me.

Now if you are one who don't share the same don't be upset, its sheer you and only you who will define your existence in this city. Its indeed your consistent effort and calmness which will define if your meant for the chaos or not. Money is not exactly the issue, it will come if you look for, if you go beyond defying any job above your ego. You will make friends, you will make a new family to live with all it needs an open mind and a self with no expectations.


Hey, Myself Shovona, a commercial product, food and people photographer. I have indeed a journey of 2 decades from Mirzapur to Mumbai. I had my share of frustrations, happy moments, friendship and breakups. This city has made me what I am and I am sure my journey has just started. All I learnt if I dream with an honest heart there is nothing which will not come true. If I can do it anyone can.

Thanks for reading...

see your tomorrow!

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