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Mumbai China-town

We all fancy Chinese at times, at times we compensate with those quick to cook noodles. I being an artist, history always fascinated me, it helps me to know the present better. Right next to my Muay Thai studio in the lane of

Bandra bazaar, Mumbai, India. there stands a small, vintage, china town. A restaurant named Jim e's Kitchen, It exactly doesn't need any introduction but indeed for the people who are not aware its a place where you can enter in your not so fancy clothes and be assured to get filled up in the most unexpected price.

Mr. James Hsiung, a self taught cook and the owner of the restaurant shifted to Mumbai from Kolkata early in his young days and setup his small Chinese venture somewhere in Fort, Mumbai back in 1973. Many may not know but the present Salt water cafe in reclamation laid a foundation of his passion in Bandra where he was selling ice cream and juice along started the first ever home delivery service in Bandra back in 1987.. He had to hop many places in around to setup his shop and finally found his present location in 1991. The very absence of google map least any form of mobile communication system, he designed some hand made maps in around his shop for his delivery person to deliver around with ease. It was indeed impressive to see the detail.

If you have been, that's great if you haven't, one must try his yummy Pork chilli and Soft pork ribs sitting in the most cozy ambience.

He has made sure till date to let people have food at the most affordable price and giving them the best possible vintage feel to it.





I am Shovona Karmakar, a freelance commercial photographer

based out of Mumbai, India.

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