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SEction 377..

Nothing to declare, nothing to share about myself today, indeed I do think about things other than me. So my dear readers, I guess and I believe we are finally a step forward with section 377 being abolished.

Its indeed funny of we humans when we challenge things which makes our community, Love stays at the top most and its a truth far from the Egyptian era, love was not just hetero. Well being a amazing historian I am not sure about the social acceptance back then but I am pretty sure someone must have documented it positively. There is nothing wrong about liking someone. Its not a disease, its not any genetic mutation or error, its just the way we are born. Let me tell you I come from a family where my parents are homophobic. Its quite the generation they belong to must be blamed or the lack of much needed social interaction my parents had in their days, whatever it is I have seen many reacting weirdly towards the reality and it do upsets me. Lets face something, do the abolish will really solve all the issues, though its something time will answer in its own way. I am pretty sure few will do wreck ones case in the name of something, as we need to accept we live in between socially accepted, openly walking psychopaths in various official and non-official forms.On the other hand I am happy to see people who lived in fear all these year will breathe finally. The fear of non acceptance kills one so bad, its quite complicated to explain you all. Whatever I am hoping for something positive to come in the way. Media to make it aware more among the ignorant in a more humble and respectful manner. Above all lets start seeing them more like us.I really wish to hear more from you all what you think about it. One question which I wish to ask you all are we really ready for drastic changes at present time?Looking forward to hearing from you soon....

Hello...! I am Shovona, a freelance advertising photographer based out of India. I share an image over Instagram every single day and write over my blog. I wish to share the self confidence among all, I believe if you feel good you do good and the chain goes on. All my articles are inspired from my personal life and I dont wish to hurt anyone's sentiments, in-case I do.. I am open for an argument and please feel free to let me know at the comment below.

See you Tomorrow!

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