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Self Portraits: How I started?

Clicking self is a very misunderstood process of being a narcissistic on the contrary it helped me to be not to be one. Why I started it...? Though I have few reasons to share and few incidences which let me to do it but honestly I don't have much of an answer. It was more of the go with the flow phase back in 2009 when I just entered college to do my graduation, the college politics was testing my nerves and the curriculum really never interested me I was indeed having an intense feeling that I am not really practicing visual art. I though don't wanna rant about the ups and downs and emotional turmoil I was facing, I grabbed a basic DSLR and started clicking everything around me as any new babe does. Happily I had an intense desire to click more and more, I was fortunate to be within the lap of nature and there was nothing much to do apart from that. I confess I bunked a lot of my class for the sake of love for the art which I personally don't encourage.

Internet is a weird yet beautiful world, it has mere benefits than bringing the world closure, it was a door to the other world of amazing compositions, artist and thought process which rules the world, being an introvert I found my sanity there.

The self realization of being presentable which I lacked for long just arrived in my life so do a lady named Anna Gay, I was not much aware of the self portrait least 365 to be honest, she is the one who introduced, encouraged me. I do own her and I do wish to meet her someday in person. The art of documenting self everyday was very intriguing and I so don't wanna be modest (hope a little doesn't hurt!) but yes I realized myself the best subject then.

The mere collaboration of the surrounding, weird college timings and myself lit the 365 Desi Inside, Pardesi Outside. Finding inspiration was not tough but it dint come on its own though. I do believe to copy initially, follow the basic rules prior breaking them. Individuality takes time and its worth the patience because you cant create things personally without understanding ones owns pros and cons.

I had a basic DSLR canon 1000D, with a Manfrotto tripod and a china made wireless remote I completed my 365 in 2010, social media was my way to share things and many shared their love and support in return. Internet was my oxford and I believe I graduated well.

The very trick of clicking self is to understand your camera mechanism and the focus point architecture. It can be optioned keeping someone in your place and asking the one to shift post locking your focus, though its good initially but it do makes you dependent on something. A wireless remote comes handy but the art and skill needs to be well practiced.


I am looking forward for any questions and feedback you have.

I am Shovona Karmakar, a freelance commercial photographer, cinemagraph artist and product stylist presently based out of Mumbai, India. I am primarily been hired for my Portraits, Product and Cinemagraph.

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