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Selfie vs Self Portrait, Why it is two different things?

This last Saturday, I had an amazing time at Tedx Gateway Unplugged. Post my presentation, where I was surprised to see how much people enjoyed it I was been asked if Selfie is making a difference in boosting ones confidence? Here I will like to share the difference between the two, Yes! they are two different things all together and how? Lets jump in.

Before I start, if you raise a question who I am to give me views, I started my career with clicking myself for one entire year. I clicked self one every single day. It is around eight years now I am portraying myself on daily basis.

SELFIE: typically taken with a smartphone which may be held in the hand or supported by a selfie stick. Its a pure act of showcasing self non-artistically where one post it over social media and waits for its followers approval. It has nothing much to do with any social message or aesthetic sense and composition. Various effects and side-effects has been observed in the past many years.

A recent survey concluded the very act of taking one’s self picture multiple times a day is a psychological phenomenon one needs to get checked. Indeed it leads to the fact one eagerly awaits for other’s LIKES and approval in form of comments which helps it for its ego boost.

A study published by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has found that selfies have altered people's perception of their faces to the point where they increased the demand for rhinoplasty (nose jobs). Forty-two percent of surgeons surveyed have noticed that patients are seeking surgeries to improve their appearance in photographs, especially selfies taken at close distance.

Another study found that selfies taken at a distance of 12 inches (30 cm) can exaggerate nasal size by as much as 30%, and recommends that people take pictures from a standard distance of 5 feet (1.5 meters) to minimize perspective distortion.The first known selfie-related death occurred 15 March 2014, when a man electrocuted himself on top of a train.Clearly, Selfie, has nothing much to do about self love or self help.

SELF PORTRAIT: Its purely a collaboration of skill and art. A practice where one defines itself as a subject and the image which one creates has some kind of message. A planning is needed in the form of location, light, composition and even a little help of post production for the core need of enhancement. No. of images are been taken to get the image close to the message one wants to achieve as oppose to selfie.

As its a part of a form of art called as photography, being one’s own subject doesn’t alter anything regarding creating a meaningful visual. Its a portrait, an image defined good and based based on form, lighting, texture and message. It’s soul purpose is to full fill ones soul desire.

It can be a form of escape for many self portrait artist. Yes casualties has been there but not as much as compared to Selfie. The images deserves much respect keeping in mind the integrity involved creating one.The process is so much artistic its not everyone’s cup of tea, indeed it’s not something can involve into its daily routine unless one is a full time artist or a visual content creator.

Yes, I understand many may have opinions and may or may not disagree but reality is its two different things. ________________________________________________________________ I am shovona, a freelance commercial photographer and a full time body positive blogger based out of Mumbai, India.

Thanks for reading...

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